The Ultimate Guide to the Portuguese Golden Visa

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Thanks Sanne
Looking for the 280K @ residence etc looks a bit complicate to be managed from outside the contry… especially that I don’t see any realistic offer.
all agencies has one offer that looks expencive and that they propose to manage there selfs for a tiny staff in hotels.
It seams that on the internet we can only find traps for golden visa clients…
If anybody can find someone serious with an interesting offer please forward details…


(Choudhry Waqas Ijaz) #43

Hello everyone.
I have heard on the BBC that EU has some concerns about golden visas. Anyone has some sort of news regarding Portuguese Golden Visa by real state investment if it is getting stopped in near future in a year or so?


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Lynnalan99, I am interested in the same. Did you determine if current coverage by a U.S. healthcare company qualified? The requirement stated here is somewhat confusing:

SEF APPLICATION FOR A RESIDENCE PERMIT FOR INVESTMENT ACTIVITY (ARI) Acquisition of real estate property of an amount equal to or above 500 thousand Euros:

as it states:
"Evidence in which the Applicant is covered by the health care system, namely:

  • Document proving the Applicant is covered by the National Health Service; or
  • Document proving the Applicant is the holder of an internationally recognised health
    insurance for the time period of the legal residence requested or featuring the
    automatic renewal of the insurance; "
    We would appreciate any clarification that you may have learned in your research. Thank you.

(Russell Cooper) #45

Hi, first time poster having read what is a great article on the GV scheme.
We are lucky enough to already own a property in the Algarve, value in excess of the €500,000 requirement. We are UK citizens/resident but spend a number of months in Portugal and, ultimately, would like to retire there. If and when the UK leaves the EU, and becomes a third country, would this qualify us for the GV scheme, or is the ‘investment’ based on new money only?
Any thoughts/comments gratefully received.


(Cheung KH) #46

My case is a family of four, a couple with 2 kids.
I am interested to join the golden visa programme and bring my family together.
I concern about the length of stay required for the family members. Do the family members require to stay 7days-14days-14days within 5 years and renew the residents card together with me in Portugal?


(Diamante Portugal) #47

Hi Cheung, I’ve just recently started investing in Portugal property market, for the Golden Visa Programme; your family need to spend one week in the first year and two weeks every two years in Portugal over the five year period, then apply for residency. I hope this helps. :grinning: Happy to give your further information if required.


(Diamante Portugal) #48

Hi Russell, when did you originally invest? I can check for you. My sense is if it’s recent past 3-6 months it shouldn’t be an issue but if its been a few years I’m not sure. Thanks


(Cheung KH) #49

Is it easy to find out potential property in the city of Lisbon which meet the NUT III requirement?

(this amount can be substantially reduced by 20%, with the overall investment being € 280,000** if it is carried out in low-density territories (NUT III level with less than 100 inhabitants per km2 or GDP per capita less than 75% of the National average)


(Diamante Portugal) #50

Not sure about this but I’ll see if I can find out something locally.


(Cheung KH) #51

Is it possible we go to other EU countries under Schengen visa when we are fulfilling the minumun stay in Portugal?


(Diamante Portugal) #52

Yes with the Schengen visa you can travel to other EU countries.


(Thomas K. Running) #53

It wouldn’t count as stays in Portugal if you go to other Schengen countries. You need to spend the 7/14/14 days in the country.

You can of course legally travel to other Schengen countries, it just wouldn’t count as a stay in Portugal.

Keep in mind that you also need to learn some basic Portuguese to get the citizenship (A2 level), so it would definitely help to spend some time there to practice or take some lessons from locals.


(Cheung KH) #54

If I join the Golden Visa programme with my spouse and kids at kindergarten age, do they need to go through the language test Level A2 for the passport?


(lauren Slatt) #55

My boyfriend and I are looking to purchase real estate in Portugal that could be used as an investment opportunity but also a vacation house and allow us to be apart of the golden Visa program. Has anyone tried any of these full service legal, rental, application support, real estate broker agencies to help ease the process? Otherwise am I needing to find an independent Lawyer, and independent broker and an independent company to help with rental of the property?


(Henrique) #56

where do you / does your boyfriend come from?
In wich reagion in Portugal are you inrested?


(Sia) #57

Hey, I understand that on the date of the application for the golden visa, the 24 year old son of the main applicant is eligible only if he is dependent, single and in full-time education. Does he have to meet all these criteria when applying for citizenship 5 years later or he will not be able to?


(Sanne) #58

Hey @Sami1,

I have worked in the Portuguese real estate industry for over 5 years. What I can tell you that it is important to work with a licensed real estate agency and I would always advice you to work with an independent lawyer that can advise you with regards to your investment and your golden visa. Also, try to work with a real estate consult rather than a regular real estate agent, who can advise you on the right investment that fits your personal situation and preferences and is interested in helping you to make the right decision instead of trying to sell his/her listing.

I think if you decide to invest in a property in a low density area, you would need a local to manage your property. Sometimes the vendors / developers offer a guaranteed return nett of costs (so you don´t pay utility bills / condo fees) for an agreed period of time (4 or 5 years). But you can also buy a property and have it managed by an independent property management company. Usually the property management companies or holiday rental companies will charge a percentage of the rental income and you would have to bare the costs for the utility bills and condo fees etc yourself. In this last option you would be a bit more flexible on using the property yourself.

In any case, your lawyer would also advise you on this management contract.

Hope it helps!

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(Sanne) #59

Hi @pandaaddvalue,

Unfortunately, Lisbon city or Lisbon region does not meet the NUT III requirement. For this type of investment you would have to focus in regions such as the Alentejo etc.

You can find properties in Lisbon city centre or in the close surroundings that would fit in the 350k gv scheme.

With regards to the minimum stay, just like @tkrunning mentioned, you would have to really stay in Portugal for the 7/14/14 days, but to be honest I don´t think that is such a bad thing!! :grin:

Hope it helps!


(John) #60

I applied for the GV in the summer 2018.

By law, it took exactly 3 months to get SEF pre-approved & I scheduled the bio-metrics meeting at SEF on December 3th.

Then, it’s not clear how much time it takes to process. If they pre-approve within 3 months, how come it takes so long to double check the original documentation? I heard 2-8 weeks from a legal firm, and 3-6 months from another one… but it’s been 4 months already, and I think they should also have a legal time frame to process the visa.

Anybody received their permanent visa lately and know how much time it takes? I’m single by the way… so it should not be THAT long… :smile:

Kind regards,



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Thanks @ sanne
I think that I will go with an investment into a fund.
it’s easier than going into a real estate investment: no taxes, no handling, etc…
If one day I am going to live in Portugal I can pick my self where I would like to live (for sure, not in these time share places suggested by the agencies).