The Ultimate Guide to the Portuguese Golden Visa

Originally bought 10 years ago! But have recently (June last year) purchased a villa at €420,000 and spent over €100,000 renovating. It would be interesting to know how this would be viewed.

Dear Thomas, thanks for the all the information! I found it very useful. As for the transfer of capital and maintain deposit in a bank option (EUR 1 million) to local bank, does it have to be a local Portuguese Bank or can it be into any bank? I’d be more comfortable transferring to the likes of HSBC / Citibank etc.

Hi there, can anyone provide some details of what type of investment fund is available for satisfying the requirement for the Portugal gold visa program, thanks a lot

Google Portugal Golden Visa… honestly that’s quite easy to find with all the lawyer firm offering the serving and giving details / requirements.

Hello! That is correct!

I just want to know if you make the Euro 1m investment, can you do that through any bank/investment house in Portugal or are their specific rules. I assume after the 5 year period your investment will be returned with interest and or dividends as well as capital growth if any, is that correct?

Thank you fantastic information on this forum


Hi Thomas, excellent article!

I am looking to use the Euro 350k investment fund option. My primary goal is capital preservation and Lince Captial (your recommendation) seems like a good personal fit as all other funds seem like too good to be true.

I went through the website of Lince Capital and there is no information about the size of their fund, investments held, audited financial statements, etc. Do you think these funds are well regulated and do they disclose audited information about their portfolio?

Hi guys, Thomas thanks for sharing all this. My experience is however different; i found it too many steps. I decided to go for the golden visa program from the Netherlands; the agency helped me with processing the request. It was just filling out 1 (long) form and making an investment of 1.25M EUR in a Dutch Venture Capital fund; it sounds like a lot of money but i get around 12% IRR so far better then my savings account in the USA. I didn’t need to travel to Holland during the application process, only at the end to pick up my residence permit. It went very smooth over there. Hope this helps!

Hi everyone

My family are Bangladeshi citizens and they are considering applying for the Portuguese Golden visa.

Does anyone have any experience or advice for including dependant parents? What kind of documentation is required?

Also I have sent the solicitor Alexander (recommended on Nomad Gate) an email but have not received any response. Does anyone have any contacts of a good english-speaking legal representative in Portugal who is an expert in this field?


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Hi Everyone,

We are from the United States and have been looking at moving to Europe for the past couple of years and would love to move to Portugal. We recently started looking at the golden visa via real estate investment as we would be selling our home here, however we are hoping someone can go over the requirements for the €350.000 option with us. Is it a €350 purchase price? Or is it any amount as long as you additionally invest a minimum of up to €350.000 or more (inclusive of the property price)?

We have read quite a bit about the program but have been weary of contacting any of the firms that say they specialize in helping people with the golden visa/property purchase as we have also read some only have their best interests in mind and will overcharge.

Any insight/advice/recommendations would be much appreciated, thank you!

@liana.travanti Logically, it must refer to the purchase price. Else the €1M minimum investment couldn’t exist, because everyone would make a small real estate purchase of only €50K for example, and then invest only €300K instead of the €1M.

@pbm Thank for the reply! We thought the same thing at first but recently have read a few articles like the below…

“When you invest at least 350.000 euro in a property (residential, commercial, land, etc) that was built more than 30 years ago, or is situated in an urban regeneration area. The price for the renovations can be included in this amount. The application for the Golden Visa can be done before the renovation works are finished but it is mandatory to provide the building contract that proves payment of the first invoices, and proof of application of a building license to the local city hall.”

This (and others) reads as if you can purchase a property for less as long as your entire cost including the renovations equals 350.000 or more (and the building is at least 30 years old) but we haven’t found anything outlining the exact rules and would love to clarify before our trip over to start looking!

Hi Liana,

Go with reputed firms… I dealt with Telles and like anything else you agree on the prices and what’s included before investing. Anyway you don’t want to apply without the support of a Portuguese firm, trust me!

For a single application it cost around 6-7K for the whole support application and also include the first renewal support as well in most case.


@thinktwice Thank you! I will look them up and start there. Have you heard any other recommendations for other firms that people have had a positive experience with? Did you do the 350.000 euro investment?

I would say Belion partners seems pretty solid too. There’s some Portuguese law that says that once you deal with a law firm, another law firm can’t take over your business or something like that.

Very stupid and a complete non-sense to me as I had different things and wanted different opinions during the process… lol

Anyway I did the 500K real estate process as I wanted to buy specific apartments in the touristic area of Lisbon. I spent more overall using a mortgage. As long you as you spend the required amount depending of the location and building.

Oh and yes, obviously they sent me a list of new apartments priced as high as 8K-10K per SQM… but I just mentioned I did not need help to find the apartment and reached out to local real estate agent as well as searching online.

It’s the same as in USA… you don’t need to say yes to whatever they offer you as an ‘Upsale’ :slight_smile:

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How’s the progress?? It has been almost 3 months from your post (Apr 8).


I’m waiting for over 6.5 months now. In August, it will be one year since I submitted all the documentation.

The SEF were supposed to clear the backlog in 2017 and now it seems it takes forever again. I left my original country so basically I’m on a “No man’s land” since almost a year now. I asked my lawyer if there was any solution and he told me he could ask for a “declaration” from the immigration that would let me stay over the tourist visa period of 3 months since I’m waiting for the residence permit.

Guess what? No answer from him either in the last month.

Sorry but everything is slow in Portugal. From the system to most professional people I had to deal with. They may answer you back 1 or 2 weeks later as if it’s the norm.

Coming from America, I think it’s unacceptable and probably a reason why the Portuguese economy is down the list in Europe… sadly.

I have a question on "Transfer capital of at least €250,000, as investment or support for artistic production, or recovery or maintenance of national cultural heritage.”

What is the instrument of investment here? And since this is an investment, is there a return on investment or at least capital protection for the period of lock-in?

Hi Liana,

The €350K level is the purchase amount without any recourse to finance so if you purchase a qualifying €350K investment (or any other level for that matter) then you may also borrow money for the difference. It has been mentioned that improvements can be included subject to certain conditions. The other thing you should be aware of is that it is increasingly difficult to find €350K investments in many desirable areas, such as central Lisbon. This because often the smallest apartment in an historical building is selling for more than €350K!

I always recommend using a lawyer in the region of where you will settle and purchase or rent. Portugal is still a country where direct, personal contact counts. Of course, don’t choose someone without expertise, but if you are not settling in Lisbon, paying a premium for a Lisbon-based lawyer often does not make sense. We are working with both large and smaller law firms and there is a place for both.

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