The Ultimate Guide to the Portuguese Golden Visa

John, if the lawyer does not get back to you, it makes it more anxious! Hope all goes well soon. Hope there is some tracking number or something that we can to check the progress of the application.

Good Question, I am not sure either.


if anyone can provide me with more information about these issues regarding the golden visa it would be great?

  1. Can an investor obtain the permanent residency after satisfying the minimum stay requirements (7/14/14) for the golden visa? or does the investor have to spend more time there?

  2. If the kids are not dependents anymore what happens to their status? For example, I apply and my daughter is 17, after 5 years what would be her visa status?

  3. I read somewhere that the permanent residency is valid for 5 years, and it has to be renewed. A permit may be cancelled if the holder, without an acceptable justification, is away from Portugal for a period of 24 consecutive months, or for a period of non-consecutive 30 months over 3 years. Is this true?

Thank you

Sure, I will update. :slight_smile:

Does Portugal provide Future Citizenship via Government Bond investment? if yes, for how long an whats the amount needed to be invested?

**please note that i am NOT interested in real estate investments as it very subjective in terms of pricing and registration.
i appreciate your fast collaboration.

I have the same question as you. Would be grateful if someone who knew the answer could share their views, thanks!

HI Mohanad,

A quick response to some of your points:

  1. Yes
  2. In your specific example, no issue as the dependency age is 25 years old.
  3. You have to renew the ARI twice during the 5 year initial period, after year one and then after year 3.



Both capital an refurbishment capital (excluding any VAT on services associated with refurbishment) can be included in the €350K GV. The challenge is finding a suitable €350K investment. All developers, even the ones with which we work, have maximised the prices per square metre to ensure maximum gain from the sale of these units. In return they offer access to what is still a very limited number of opportunities at the lower level.

Hi guys,

I have heard that nobody has actually gotten Portugese citizenship or passport through the golden visa program as of yet.

Is that true?

Please comment.

Hi all, does anyone have experience obtaining a temporary residency visa while waiting for your Golden Visa to be approved/issued? We are planning to actually move to Portugal from the US but are pursuing the Golden Visa so we have options for working, flexibility to move around the EU eventually, and options to come back to the US long term potentially down the road…

With a wait time of approx. 5 months or even longer, we are wondering if we need to apply for a separate visa through the consulate so we can go ahead with our move from the US while we are waiting to have the Golden Visa in hand - and so that we are legal residents in Portugal while we are waiting. I’d rather just apply for one visa but it seems risky to move overseas anticipating such a long time to be in limbo with the immigration authorities. And, I understand we need a residence visa in hand in order to receive our shipment of furniture, etc. without paying duty and having the Golden Visa in time for that seems unlikely… Sorry for the long series of questions - this is quite the logistical puzzle!

Hi all, I have a question: Regarding the family members - would I be able to include my sister on my Golden Visa (she has disabilities and is in her 50’s)?

Many thanks

Hi Adrienne,

SEF is very slow. It’s now been 1 full year we submitted all online documents. 3 months later, (by law) I was pre-approved and had an appointment at the SEF for them to take my picture and finger prints. We also had to submit the original document. That was in early December, 2018.

So as you can see, it makes things complicated when you are on a 3 month tourist visa (I’m not from the EU zone like you) during all the year. I had to travel and jump from one country to another… thanks I work online!

That said, I asked my lawyer if there was a way around it… because it’s quite ridiculous to wait so long after the pre-approval and payment of the fee.

3 months ago, my lawyer suggested to obtain a “Declaration” from the SEF that should let me stay in PT as long as I want, until they finally release the residence permit. I don’t have more details so I will update on this. They actually just received it today.

(It is quite disturbing it takes the SEF more than 2 months to deliver a document until they deliver the resident card… why wouldn’t they just take 1 extra hour / day to complete the application instead?)

Regarding the shipment of furniture, I’m not really aware of this. You are probably correct that they might ask you to pay duty & taxes if you don’t have your residency… but I would ask a Lawyer on this particular question.

I know for sure that they tax everything in Portugal. Ordering stuff from (instead of .es / .uk, etc.) you end up paying 20-30% more.

I don’t think so, as she’s an adult and not a children of yours.

But again, simple questions like this are most of the time responded by firms that do Golden Visa.
You better reach one of them directly for a clear answer, at no cost.

Thank you for your response

HI Joshua, is your property still available?
If yes please drop me a line.

In the EUR 1million option, would the purchase of stocks through a Portuguese Bank count for the investment? Do these stocks have to be from Portugal or can be any stocks offered by the Portuguese bank/brokerage? In theory, that would satisfy the 1 million Euro transfer to a banking institution although the ARI manual does not seem to specify what the final investment should be.

Any knows or have been approved with this option?

Hi all,
I’a aware of the new GV opportunity which allows you to invest 350 k (or more if you wish) in a capital fund with a guarantee return for the next 5 years. Let me know if interested.
The main advantage is that there is :
no transfer fees or taxes
lawyer fees are much lower compared to other programs

from what i know they start only applying this year for a passport…

The first batch of applicants applied last year and its already been 12-14 months but nobody has gotten anything yet. At least thats what Ive heard. If anybody knows differently would love to know.

First case study - Article from October 2018