The Ultimate Guide to the Portuguese Golden Visa

No, you’d have to find a buyer yourself, most likely (in the case it’s a 10 year fund). Some funds that target GV investors are set up for 6 or 7 years, or have some sort of exit option after ~6 years (sometimes at a cost).

Also there are a couple of funds I know that are planning to list on Euronext in Lisbon at some point in the next few years to make it easier to sell your investment (although probably on Euronext Access, meaning the liquidity isn’t necessarily that high).

Bottom line: It’s a valid concern and something you should discuss with the various funds before deciding to invest.

You captured the very essence of my inquiry, one of the funds provided 3 exit strategies but that is after the 6th year. I still wanna know how safe my investment would be in 6th year time.

I have not been lucky to find an investment advisor that could provide guidance on the path to go, do you have a recommendaton?

One of the key benefits of the thoughts to go this route is liquidity, security of investment tops the list. Or perhaps, will wait it out and proceed with whatever is on the table when the dust of the new legislation clears up.

Hi Thomas

Just reading through the requirements list for the Application via the 500k route and am wondering if you can clarify what is meant by the following:

  • evidence of entry and legal stay in the National Territory - is this a normal 90 days in six months automatic visa (for Australians) when one is buying the property or when one is turning up for the interview or when in particular ?

  • health insurance - does that have to be for a full year - when you might only be staying the minimum 7 days in the first year ? Or is it for when you are completing the interview etc. - say 6 months ?

  • criminal record application form - is that on the SEF application site & just requiring to be filled out ?

  • likewise the “Sworn Statement” ?

  • likewise the “evidence of negative debt tax obligations” - Assume that is for Portugal and how does one get that ?

Thanks a lot for your help.