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Actually the type of products seems to depend on the country: in some they offer both mutual funds and ETF’s, in others (e.g. Italy) only ETF’s.

I’m in Finland, so it appears I cant access vanguard. They have only a handful of eu countries.

Finland is one of them: . They have closed some funds, but others remain open.

Thanks again Enzo. However I dont understand why people say choose your domicile in Ireland. Surely you need to use the domicile you are tax resident.?

For example, if I’m in Finland, how can I choose Ireland as my domicile for investing in funds?

Probably they mean the domicile of the fund, which determines its taxation (to corporate entities, domicile is what determines tax liabilities, as residency is to individuals). Ireland-domiciled funds only pay to Uncle Sam a 15% withholding tax on the dividends they receive from US companies (due to tax treaty between US and Ireland) and Ireland does not charge any withholding tax on the distributions from the funds to their clients. On the other hand, the US withholding tax on dividends paid to residents in countries without tax treaty (like Hong Kong, where I live) is 30%.
Then of course you’ll have to sort out your tax bill with the Finnish Inland Revenue (for me this problem does not exist, because in HK any income from abroad is tax-free). But I think that you’ll be able to deduct from your bill what Vanguard has withheld on behalf of Ireland’s Inland Revenue, thanks to tax treaties between the two countries: anyway, ask your tax advisor.
Another reason for not holding directly US equities or US-domiciled ETFs and funds is, in case of untimely demise, US Inheritance Tax. That’s not much of an issue for US citizens or residents, given the fact that for them there is an allowance of, if I remember correctly, USD 11.58 million; but for non-US persons the allowance is limited to USD 50,000.

Stay far far away from trading platforms like Etoro. They are highly manipulated and full of fake profiles. Just the other day Etoro was caught altering peoples trades that led to a lot of losses. You can see all the complaints on the Etoro subreddit. I guess Etoro decided that it’s cheaper to get sued than to scam it’s customers.

Anton Kreil exposes how these social trading platforms really work in his video here.

I highly suggest watching the whole video if you ever consider doing any kind of trading on a broker. You will thank me afterwards.

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That’s very true had opened and closed an account on the same day with eToro the spread of the price for too big on the name of commission-free stock trading

Use Interactive Brokers. I am a semi-pro trader and chat daily with many pro traders who trade millions and we all use Interactive Brokers. There is no real alternative, with Saxo Bank second.

Cheers Rod. I’ve looked into saxo bank but their reviews are terrible on trust pilot. I might look at IB actually. for some reason I don’t fully trust E-Toro. Degiro is terrible btw.