Timing of Portugal Golden Visa in COVID-era 2020 (and risks)

So did you take the October slot(s) @wkb? Not having access to the ARI website makes it even more frustrating…

Yeah @mmtravelguy at this point I think late 2021 and Spring 2022 probably for most folks; won’t be surprised if this drags into next summer.

@tedbean you can ask for the credentials to be able to access your profile. The lawyers have it.

Hello. Can you please clarify about the July 1st deadline vs. end of the year deadline for buying property in Lisbon/Porto/Algarve etc? Also I believe the July 1st deadline is no longer the case (and if so when did they change it)? I would really appreciate your help in clarifying this issue.

Thank you very much.

July 1st deadline, i believe, was an initial proposal however, now the deadline is end of the year 2021 (31st December 2021). However, it is worth investigating as to what you need have in place before this deadline has passed. I do not think a Promissory Contract for a property without licenses in place (i.e. under or near construction) would be sufficient for this purpose. I would recommend that you buy something which is fully constructed, has also the licenses (Municipal Use license etc) in place and the final deed is executed before the deadline in order to qualify.

Thanks. The SEF portal has reverted from Under Analysis to Awaiting Submission. This is very strange, it seems to have reverted to the application not having been submitted in the first place. Yet the lawyers say this is a “system error”. It seems either SEF, it’s IT department is in a mess or both.

Hi Ramin,

the July 1st deadline was initially announced last December, but when they publish the decree law, they postponed it to January 1, 2022, along with confirmation on various changes on properties, funds and so on.

So in short, the July 1st deadline doesn’t exist anymore.

The deadline of Dec 31, 2021 is the online application submission date.

And properties under construction are allowed for golden visa application. We have dealt with many cases already. No problem.

BTW, I have some 280k and 350k properties with 4% guarantee rental return. Send me an email if you are interested, I can send you the brochures with floor plan and prices.

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@susanayang thanks for your info! can I know why the July 1st deadline doesn’t exist anymore? where is the link I can check ? thanks.

Thank you very much for the information.
Can you please give me your company’s name and website?