Wait time now counts toward 5 year residency?

I think that tomorrow AIMA/SEF should clarify how the new law will be applied according to our lawyer. Any thoughts or information?

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Sim, amanha. :joy:

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Próxima semana…

Tomorrow, in the language of Portuguese lawyers, is an abstract that can mean 6 months, a year, an eternity.

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Or 1000-3000 EUR :laughing:


“Tomorrow” is still some days away…

New Nationality law not yet applicable
Diário de Notícias, April 1, 2024
…The Government did not define the regulation of changes to the legislation, which officially came into force this Monday, April 1st. In order for it to be applied, the regulations must be published in the Official Gazette (DR)…
… it is in the regulations that it will be defined whether the count starts when the IM is approved or when requested. The document to be published in the next 60 days…

…and then after the regs are published, I’m told:
Nationality is not handled [or decided] by AIMA, that process is handled by the Institute of Registry and Notary Publics (IRN).

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And it’s 90 days, not 60 (per Article 7)

Since the law was appeared in the Diario on 5th March, I think that effectively makes 3rd June the deadline for regulations to be published.


So how does this work exactly? Parliament passed the high level law, but the exact mechanics and specific implementation are defined later through this secondary process?

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Exactly. For example, the current version of the Nationality Regulations set out what documents you have to provide to prove particular facts, the various steps that the Conservatory carries out for Naturalisation, exactly which entities can attest to your Portuguese language skills, etc etc.

Until the Regulations set out what the Conservatory is supposed to ask AIMA, and how AIMA is supposed to respond, I can’t see how anyone can apply the amended Nationality Law in practice.

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AIMA doesnt even apply the Nationality Law, does it? Another org handles citizenship requests.

Yes, thats right. IRN does. But they need the 5-year residency proof - (contagem de tempo) -which can only come from the application-dates that AIMA has.


Right, but AIMA is required to certify the period that the applicant has held legal residence, in response to a request from the IRN / Conservatories.


Is that 90 calendar days? Or dias úteis, like many other deadlines?

I thought calendar, but not sure

AIMA/SEF could clarify nothing! they will apply the regulation which the government should write and publish.
And just take into account that the government was finally formed only on Friday

Congrats on getting the citizship , that is great news , do you mean new law does not apply and only counts from the date you are having the card ? And if you can share more details on how long it took you since you applied

It’s not a question whether you need to be a resident for 5 years, we all know that. The new law, which has just come into effect, states that the 5 year timer starts from the moment of requesting such a resident permit. In other words the new amended national law should allow people to be eligible for citizenship earlier than 5 years of having the card in hand.

If you have any more information on that, please share. What you described in your post is how it worked in the past, before the law was amended.

Sorry for bothering
Better to check with your lawyer then

Parabéns pela cidadania!

If you don’t mind, can you share a rough timeline of your citizenship application process?

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Hello can you send link on this PLA 700 euros? Thanks!