Where shall I place a financial markets trading company who accept investors?

(Blonde) #1


I want to setup a financial markets trading company with my own capital also looking for investors in my company as well. I wondered where shall company be based to be able to accept investment fund without need for separate license other than company’s certificate and license. Please note that I’m not looking for opening a broker company, it’s just a trading company.
In some rare countries, financial authority of country that you placed your company there, ask you to have a separate license from them, other than your company’s certificate and license. I’m looking for countries that are exempt from this rule and simply having a company is enough there to accept investors fund.


(Daniil Alexander) #2

Hey Blonde, I think this is a fairly complicated tax planning question that a well versed international tax accountant might help with…

What are you planning on investing in? Do you have a prospectus put together?

(Blonde) #3


my expertise is in financial markets trading and my company will trade on equities, bonds, …
I’m looking for countries list that only certificate and license of company would be enough for accepting investors fund to trade for them and give them annual interest. I’m looking for most privacy protected countries that offering company license for above. What I’m doing is like bank but my paying interest rate that I’m paying to customers is < banks’Interest’Rate x 5 >, assuming best high street banks will give maximum 0.4% annual interest for its customers with large accounts over 1 million EUR/USD/GBP,…, I give them 1.5% ~ 2% based on its a good trading year or bad trading year for me. Unless all the other investments scheme that are advertised, in my companies all the customers investments is not at risk and its 100% secure also annual profit is guaranteed.


(Daniil Alexander) #4

You could potentially set up a partnership between a few investors and have a strong operating agreement that establishes controlling rights to the invested money and all… But that’s a complicated subject, get some legal advice. This post probably better for the Tax/Legal section…

Good luck let us know how the search goes.