Wich lawyer firm is trustworthy for GV in 2022?

I went through an agent to get an overview of the different investment options. Afterwards my lawyer advised me to change the direction of my investment. I did so and this apparently generated a complication between them. As a result, the lawyer is now constantly late…

Could you tell me which law firms are trustworthy today?

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No doubt you would have looked at the following threads on law firms for GV? A lot of good advice and sometimes those with very positive recommendations request a PM.

Edit: Recent posts are in 2022


ahahah Thanks @Onward !

but already check… I need insights and updated informations on 2022.

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Hi Cyrielle,

We’re working with Vasco Almeida Dias at Lexidy and couldn’t be happier. The GV process is maddening but Vasco is an incredibly calming presence, a great lawyer and wonderful person. We HIGHLY recommend working with Vasco.

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Hi Cyrielle, My experience with Pedro Guerreiro was very positive. Some lawyers combine real estate and immigration practice now because of GV and it often not helpful. Mark

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