Adding dependents well after initial application

I applied for a GV in 2022, along with spouse, and currently waiting on pre-approval. I know that parents can be added if over 55 and dependents, what is the minimum threshold for them to be considered “dependents?” These are parents of the spouse, not myself (original applicant) if that makes any difference. Are there any timelines to be aware of (i.e. can we apply for them at any time, even after we receive our cards?) I probably won’t apply at the moment because I don’t want to do anything that may further delay our applications.

Furthermore, our lawyer has has told us that if we have a child, they must be added as a dependent to qualify for naturalization without a residency requirement. Has anyone confirmed that naturalized Portuguese citizens cannot give their child the nationality without the child having residency (assuming the child is not born in Portugal, and parents are not citizens at the time of birth). Can children be added as dependents to an ARI visa at any time?

You should be able to add a dependent at any time under family reunification. The catch is that they can only renew so long as the GV investment still is intact. So you would need to work out the logistics of that on your end. The other options is that they could move to Portugal full time and that should also work - they would need a D7 visa in that case.

As for your other question about children, this has been discussed to death in other threads. I suggest you search using the search feature.

Thanks, the investment is likely to be active. Can dependents visas be renewed if the primary applicant is no longer valid (because the primary applicant has naturalized)? I read through a few threads on children and walked away with more questions than answers, are there any definitive posts?

This is sort of an edge question on the boundaries of what is documented. I suspect the answer is a “maybe” but depends on a variety of circumstances and timing. You would be wise to just keep extending your GV renewals until your dependents reach their requisite residence periods. Otherwise, you are playing with fire.

I am not aware of any definitive post on the other topic and don’t care to look so you would just have to sort through everything like everyone else, unfortunately.

Well, there are posts that conflict with this one, and this post conflicts with what my lawyer is telling me, so perhaps the question is worthy of some additional debate and discussion?

Regarding the advice to keep renewing until all dependents are naturalized; could a GV be renewed for someone who is already a Portuguese citizen? That seems odd, and would be required if a dependent applied in later years.

Also, is there a monthly support amount required for elderly parents (between 55 and 66) to be classified as dependents?

No, you would have to delay naturalizing to continue renewing your and your parents’ GVs.

Of course if you all want to live in Portugal (or another EU country) full time then you can probably naturalize and sponsor them for relative permits instead of GVs. But that requires full time residence in the EU.

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Not sure if this is the right thread for my question, but my wife and I just applied for the GV in June 2023 and recently had a baby. We’re trying to decide whether it makes sense to add him to our application now or wait until later in order to save on fees? Has anyone done the research on this? We’re in the U.S. and not planning to live in PT anytime soon.

If you are living in Portugal then presumably you can switch to the usual “spouse of an EU citizen” visa, but I suppose that doesn’t help if you’re trying to stick to the 7 days a year in Portugal thing.

For what it’s worth, I added my wife a year into the process as I’d started it before I got married. I’ve had biometrics now, waiting for the final card, and she hasn’t even been preapproved yet. I would encourage you to go for it together to save yourself from managing divergent processes and timings.

Thanks for the response. My wife and I got our applications in at the same time last spring. So I think if we add our baby son now we’ll be almost a year behind and still be dealing with divergent processes.

True but at least only one year instead of N years.