Antigua Nomad Digital Resident - No Longer Canadian Tax Resident?


I got the Antigua Nomad Digital Resident.

I have no home in Canada, family, basically no ties, less a bank account. Besides the 183 day rule which I will be out of Canada for, its a slam dunk case that I am no longer a tax resident. The biggest issue is that I need to be a tax resident somewhere.

Is there any cheaper option besides a 100k donation+? With the Antigua NDR, could I classify myself as a resident of Antigua if I stay in their country for 183 days? I have gotten different answers.


If you are under 183 days in Canada and have no other ties for residency, as it seems, simply file your Cdn tax return to to the last day of residency in Canada, and pay any departure tax on gains.

One complication is that if it looks like you will be coming back to Canada in next two years, Canada may not consider you non-resident.

Then you are resident in Antigua (which I donโ€™t believe has income tax?) for tax purposes, assuming Antigua will let you stay two years.

Hope that helps. Not at my computer, best I can do from memory.

Iโ€™m an ex-Canadian Bahamas resident. When I left Canada the rule was you had to be a resident somewhere before CRA will consider you as a non-resident of Canada.

That is correct, and still the rule.