Anyone have experience with NSM, Liberty Legal or Prime Legal?

I have met with lawyers from each of these law firms, as recommended by NomadGate. They all seem knowledgable and professional.
• Gonçalo Mendes Leal from NSM Advogados
Madalena Monteiro from Liberty Legal
Vanessa Rodrigues Lima from Prime Legal

However, I couldn’t find unbiased external reviews like one might find on GoogleMaps or TrustPilot. It leaves me seeking external assurance from people who have used them.

So, how have your experiences been with these lawyers?

sorry for a non-useful post but this line made me chuckle :laughing:

I mean relative to LinkedIn recommendations or testimonials on a lawyer’s website… Where would you recommend as a better place to find reviews?

I believe you have already narrowed down to the top 3 firms recommended here.
Take your pick.

First one is my law firm and the second one is my lawyer. I also knew the third.

Hi Milo,
I am with Prime Legal for my GV process. I was recommended to them via somebody else on here, and so far its been great.
I will say they recently had some sudden staffing changes, which is never a good sign. But as far as them getting the job done - no problems. My GV process was handled smoothly and I had no issues with their work whatsoever.
I am going to their office next week to put my investment into a Portugese will, and look forward to finally meeting Vanessa in person.