Anyone operating as a Small Business in Georgia

Georgia is an interesting country for nomads due to its free economy mindset (despite being relatively poor country) low taxes, simple regulations, low bureaucracy and easy to set up things, especially banking.

The Small Business legal figure in Georgia apparently applies 1% income corporate taxes for the first $171k profit, and then 3% for the exceeding profit, which sounds too great to be true.

After talking with a lawyer in Georgia, it seems Small Business cannot provide certain types of services, such as consulting, which is what would make it very interesting for nomads that provide different consulting digital services to foreign companies and get paid through this legal figure in Georgia with a very low tax burden.

I’m curious if anyone here knows someone, local or expat, operating with a Small Business structure from Georgia providing services to foreign companies.

For nomads, I found this site to be quite useful about taxes across countries:

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It said that it’s 1% for micro-businesses, and those are the ones that do not make more than 30k GEL (10.4k USD) a year.
Small business pays 3-5% and their threshold is 100k GEL.