ARI Holders (Stage 5)

filing a law suit seems to be working right now. we just filed to get our expired renewals moving along faster.


Karthik, having just left Braga (north of Porto by about 45 min) we were very impressed with it. I would encourage working it into your plan if you can do so. In any event, thanks also for the clarification from your attorneys-they pretty well syncs with ours.

@Bclip can I ask for more detail on your law suit? We have a renewal for one family member that has been stuck with AIMA (or maybe IRN, who knows) for a while. Our renewal dates move further and further apart every time because of these delays. I recently raised the possibility of court action with our lawyer. I’ve only seen people take action on the basis of initial application delays not renewals. Where are you at in the process?

Hello @kramanat, just wanted to clarify whether one can do 14 days in one stretch in year 2 (as opposed to year 1) assuming the permits are issued for 2 years in the first instance?

My lawyer has said that the latest law says 7 days in year 1 and 14 days during the validity of the card. So one can do 14 days in year 1 but now allowed to do just year 2. Do reconfirm this with your lawyer.

I would recommend spending at least 7 full days of stay in each Year counting from the issuance date of the first card. This would leave no chance for a gap vs. SEF/AIMA/IRN’s interpretations.


That aligns with what my lawyer said to me. He said in the past they have persuaded SEF that 14 consecutive days on 2 year card is acceptable, but that interpretation can face resistance depending on which official you are speaking with. I was told seven days per year leaves no room for argument. Not worth the risk. I just plan to be there 7 days each year.

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I am doing exactly that: done with 7 full days in Year 1 and going to do another 7 full days in Year 2 counting from the issuance date of my first card.

Thank you @tommigun @kramanat and others. Very useful as I had assumed 14 days at any stage would always be fine. Mind you I’m not at that stage yet as 6 months since final approval and still waiting for our permits to be issued. I will of course also triple check with my lawyer.

Out suit was original not renewal. That noted, the team at NSM Advogados has been superior IMO.

I trust our lawyer who was able to get us through several hurdles before. She indicates that she has seen clients stuck in the renewal vortex have a favorable court finding which then requires AIMA to make an appointment as a priority. Of course, it is not guaranteed, although it looks good based on the # of cases filed and positive findings rendered. of 3 of us, I was renewed online in December and the other two are now expired (early April). We can sit tight and wait to see what happens to the backlog - or try something to move along faster. Even when renewals start up again they are so far behind that even this will take much time. I am not thrilled about spending more money on this never-ending process although I feel compelled to try something.

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I saw a claim in a whatsapp group that online renewals for Jan-March 2024 have been opened. Can anyone verify that?

(I’m not in stage 5 yet, just hoping for any positive news about this whole process!)

Automatic renewal, or just online application for in-person biometrics to renew?

They say automatic renewals, but this is just hearsay / rumour. needs to be verified by other sources!!

Hi Karthik, can you please share your lawyer’s details with me? My lawyer wants to steer away from a lawsuit. I have yhe same timelines as yours but I have know response since my biometrics in Jan at Lisbon.

Hi Vikas, I am with GCS and the lawyers we use are Antas Da Cunha Ecija (ADC Ecija).

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I saw ACDE recommended here and had to give my experience, that I have unfortunately had these let me down too many times with mistakes and unwillingness to admit what went wrong.

There is not much use in a representative that you can’t rely on, I wish you luck with your search.

This is the first time that I have hear this. Does this mean that you HAVE to be a tax resident in order to apply for PR or citizenship?

“cheap regular PR” as opposed to the GV PR

I searched through the posts and I didn’t anything about this .(my apologies if I missed it) Hence this question.

As a new recipient of the ARI card and planning a trip there, do they make some kind of notation on your passport that reflects your ARI card ? Or do you still need to hang onto every shred of documentation that you were in Portugal between xx and yy dates?