Awaiting Biometrics (Stage 3)

At the moment, this is fantasy. Can you imagine? 100,000 people in line at the AIMA office each morning.

Unsure why they think a free-for-all is better…perhaps to show voters that they “did something”?

Update of my lawsuit:

  • about 7 days after submission of lawsuit: my lawyer informed me that court has recieved the case and also notified AIMA about it. No decision was made at that time.
  • today my lawyer received emails from Aima with appoinments for Biometric for my dependents. In addition to that appoinment for me was also given due to the fact my card is going to expire soon.
    I am not sure if the lawsuit has made any impact on Aima’s movement. But I believe it does force Aima to have a look at my case.

had preapproval in february (applied december 2021).
still haven’t heard from my lawyers regarding biometrics appt.
anyone else is the same situation? what should I expect?

Same situation. Applied March 2022 (dependent), got preapproved Feb 2024. Lawyer claims they can’t find a biometric appointment for me. Spouse did Biometrics Oct 2023 but no card yet.

Hi ! We applied in person in Porto for GV and completed all documentation and used a Mercan investment. All done. But that was Sept 2022 and nothing since. No pre-approval and no biometrics. Sounds as tho no point in law suit as it will just be denied as we are not living there. Does anyone know which is the LEAST BUSY biometrics office in Portugal?? I may just turn up!!! Thanks!!

Well around 2021-early 2023 I would say the ones in the south to be the fastest, I’ve done my second in Albufeira and it was concluded within 4 months. I think Albufeira is no longer an option and it might have been replaced by Portimao. I did my last renewal in Faro and again it was finalized around 4.5 months… Yet each year there might be a “new trend”… Unless you have solid reasons I would suggest you to avoid Lisbon…

Despite being the second largest city Porto seems to be consistently faster than Lisbon… You may want to talk to people who have had more recent experience than me… All the Best


People who applied in December 2021 are still waiting for pre-approval, so your situation is normal as far as these things go. Don’t bother turning up at an AIMA office - they won’t let you in the door. Without an appointment you won’t be in the computer system, so they couldn’t take your biometrics even if they wanted to. There are cases where someone has an appointment but their spouse doesn’t - they turn up with their spouse, and even then SEF/AIMA wouldn’t take biometrics for the other person. And to get an appointment you have to have been pre-approved.

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Had biometrics in Portimão April, 2023, still awaiting final approval and not even pre-approval on dependent, submitted Jan, 2022. It might be best to avoid Portimão.