Awaiting Final Approval (Stage 4)

Lucky you! Congratulations!


Very happy for the faro data point thank you

April only a few months away!



It must have been Confirmation. Grandparents went to USA in the 1930’s, so their documents were pretty easy to produce. The Grant option seems like pretty poor odds indeed.

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Dear all, just want to share some updates here.
Feb, 2022 Biometric in Lisbon
14 June, 2023 Fee paid to SEF
10 July, 2023 My lawyer received my card
At long last, I finally got my card. Good luck to you all!



Wow, I’m Impressed! I hope this is a trend in Lisbon since I had my biometrics appointment there too. Congratulations!


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Congrats @jameshkchan! :tada:

It would be great if you could add your dates to the GV Timeline database, if you haven’t already!

NB James’ bio was Feb 2022, not 2023, so that’s a cool 16 months from bio to approval.


Yes, I will tonight.


Oh, right… :unamused:

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Hi Thomas, how do you view the output of the database? If I follow the link it just takes me to my own input page. Thanks

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Hi James, What happened to the payment ordeal ? If you could share the SEF email id to which you reported the issue, it would help us. Thanks

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You’ll find all the views here:

There should probably be a link from your own page back to the overview page… I’ll add it to my todo list!

Edit: Done :white_check_mark:


Hi Chris, can you kindly continue to update this sheet regularly since the site timeline has still not been updated by many applicants who were approved recently especially in Lisbon. Many thanks!

Everybody’s a comedian… :laughing:

I’ve painstakingly spent the day today direct messaging everyone from this thread who had not posted their latest updates to the new GV Timeline Database yet, so hopefully the data should be up-to-date there soon! :crossed_fingers:

I would have liked to import the entries on everyone’s behalf, however in many cases I don’t have access to people’s application dates (which is the only required field in the database).

So if you received a direct message from me today, please take 5 minutes to update or add your timeline to the database! :pray:


Hi, I was wondering, does status “Transferred” always mean final approval? I have this status (but not “Transferido SIISEF”, just “Transferred”) for a long time now - but no request for payment was generated and my lawyers believe the case is still under consideration.

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“Transferred” appears on the English version of the portal.
If you switch to Portuguese I bet you will see “Transferido SIISEF”.

But whatever the language - what makes your lawyers ‘believe’ that your case has not been final-approved?
Did they not receive a final approval notification? Did they check their spam folder? :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:
The absence of DUC may simply be due to an IT issue on the SEF side - as indeed it was in my own case.

If you want to take the matter in your own hands - email directly to the SEF office where you did the bio, with lawyer on cc. Ask them to confirm/resend you the final-approval notification and generate the DUC.

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Even my lawyer did not recieve the final approval email. It was approved way back in march and then recently(june) I asked my lawyer to check on my status on the portal and it showed as transferred. Then he contacted the SEF porto and they confirmed it was approved indeed in March 2023. I am dealing with a payment ordeal now where, he was able to generate DUC and I made payment, but it does not reflect as paid. Every step is a major hurdle.


Wow! How frustrating for you …

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