Awaiting Final Approval (Stage 4)

That is the correct amount for each applicant whether primary applicant or other applicant.

Primary applicant’s DUC comes first and then (for whatever reason) other(s) come 2-3 weeks after primary has paid.

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But I remember I have seen an old thread which amount was for main applicant 5K Euro and for each Spouse and Kids 500 Euros. Is there any change on the fees and cost? Because this is really very high to pay 6045 X 5 person equal to 30225 Euros, which I believe for only 2 years period

What about the extension of the additional 2 years, any idea about the prices?

There has been debate about the value of a GV for kids when they can simply naturalize after you do. (Right?)

When we started the process in 2021, the initial processing fees were €533 per person, the initial fee was €5325 per person (main applicant and dependents) and the renewal fees were €2663 per person (main applicant and dependents). Unfortunately, I don’t think that it was ever ~€500 euros per dependent for anything other than that initial processing fee. :frowning:

Paid 5810.98 on 2/23/24 for 2 years. There was an initial payment of 533 when the application was submitted.
I am hoping that the proposal that the waiting period since application counts towards the overall timeline is approved, since that would work in my favor. Since the clock would then have started back in 2021.
So hopefully I’ll have to pay for one renewal, whatever that amount is (in 2021 it was ~2600+533) before the five year clock is up. At which point I’d be eligible to apply for PR/Citizenship.

Hi All,

After no responses to many emails, and no information available by phone, I sent in a registered letter to AIMA in Lisbon and received this reply one month ago (2 weeks after sending the letter)

No change in status since it was received, with biometrics over a year ago for me, April 2023

Apologies that the information is a month old, but just signed up and thought some may want to see.

Dated 13 April 24

“ Na sequência do expediente recebido aos 29/03/2024, informa-se V. Exa. que o pedido em causa encontra-se a aguardar instrução, em observância do critério da ordem cronológica de entrada.

Lamentavelmente, por manifesta falta de capacidade de meios, torna-se inviável satisfazer os pedidos formalizados na Loja AIMA Lisboa I, de forma mais célere, conforme seria desejado.

Cumpre-nos ainda informar que, atualmente e em respeito à ordem cronológica, este Setor ARI encontra-se a instruir processos formalizados em outubro de 2022, pelo que não nos é possível dar uma previsão de quando será concluída a instrução do processo em causa.”

Yup! I did the same thing in November 2023 and received the response in mid-December 2023. Pretty much the same wording, with the only change that my e-mail from AIMA states they were processing applicants (with bios) from September 2022.

See, who says AIMA is not making any progress? A whole month-worth of GV applicants have been processed in five months!

Here is what you do: print the response on a fancy card stock and place it over your headboard!

Oh, forgot one more thing: file a suit! I waited 16 months since my bio in Jan 2023, but enough is enough!

Like I said, that’s how much I paid for my spouse. Extension is half the cost of the initial price. Note that the fees go up each March 1 based on inflation.

To close the loop on this, thank you so much for this recommendation. It is a uniquely excellent FaceBook group with a treasure trove of detailed and accurate information for people relocating to Portugal. It’s exactly what I was looking for and I’ve downloaded numerous of the PDFs from there to study and follow as we prepare to move at the end of June. Highly recommended. Thanks again.


Is there anywhere else these checklists are published if we do not have a Facebook account?


Here’s our update.

Application (myself) 12/22/21
Application (husband) 2/21/22
Pre-approval 3/24/23
Biometrics (myself) 6/9/23 - Lisboa
Biometrics (husband) 7/10/23 - Lisboa
Lawyer’s complaint to AIMA on 2/22/24 - no reply
Urgent action requested 5/17/24
Our lawyer will be filling an “urgent legal action” later this month.

We purchased one-way tickets to Madeira several months ago, leaving the US on 9/30/24. I refused to let the slow process of getting our resident cards delay our departure. We did not want to be here in the run up to the elections in November. My husband is Thai and I’m a white guy and we no longer feel safe living in Honolulu. We want to live in a safer country, without the threat of an authoritarian movement threatening everything we cherish.


Done! Thank you so much for the link.

Hi, I have a question, I don’t recall this being asked but I’m sorry if I missed it. We are a family of four where we all applied for GV (two parents and two kids). I am the primary applicant and just paid my 6045 fee, and then I got a notice to pay the fee for my spouse and two kids, which is what I expected to happen. But the portal says “Granting Family Reunification” which surprised me because I thought that only applied when the dependents were not GV applicants themselves. Does anything seem off to you? Thanks!

If you only made one qualifying GV investment (whatever that was) and you were therefore the only primary applicant in your family then your spouse and children are all granted residency under “Family Reunification”. It’s normal.

You will see that this difference in status is reflected on your GV residency cards when you receive them. In practice, it makes no difference to everyone’s status in Portugal as long as you remain married or - I guess - alive.

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Great, thanks. And yes, both are life goals :wink:


Is this somewhere different than the regular tracker? I don’t see my detail and I had bios in Lisbon Jan 2023…

I created it a while back just to track those who’d done biometrics in Lisbon, so people could see where they were in ‘the queue’. People DM me with updates. I’ll add you in.

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Hi. I’m Wendy Morris.

I had my golden visa biometrics appointment in Lisbon on June 16, 2023.
Please add me to your Lisbon file, and send me a copy. My application was accepted in December, 2021.



Love this… super helpful! My application date was Oct 2021, Bios Jan 2023!