Awaiting Final Approval (Stage 4)

Believe it or not, there is a thread on this.


Are you talking about the login for ARI AIMA Portal ? Recently I contacted AIMA in attempt to change my login from my previous lawyer’s to mine (They are unable to change it to my personal email account). The answer is I can pop up at Porto AIMA without appointment for such request. This might not be exactly the same scenario as yours cause you still have unfinished business with your lawyer.

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Thanks all of you for the back and forth discussion on this and link to the other thread. It sounds like a bit more complicated that just putting in the email, but still possible, and possibly necessary to save a lot of headache later on! I wish that I had known how important this was at the beginning, and could have made it a condition of becoming a client!

Finally got my family’s approval today.

Biometrics: Oct 2023 (Lisbon, after a court case). Initial application: Jan 2020.


Has anyone else been told of card issuance delays ? especially for family reunification ? My wife and daughters Card Issuance Fee was paid start of April. Two months on, no cards have been received and I have been told there are “delays”.