Awaiting Final Approval (Stage 4)

My approval was May 6, and still nothing for my dependents (despite the 10 business days mandated by the lawsuit). Sigh. I still hold out hope, though it may be faint, and updates like yours help.

Just received my wife’s card. Details below.
• Application Date: 1st June 2022
• Biometrics: 21st Aug 2023 - Porto
• Final Approval: 10th Apr 2024
• Payment Made: 11 Apr 2024
• Card Received: 1 Jul 2024 (2Yrs 1Month from Application Date).
• Card Expiry: 14 June 2026.


June ‘22 as a dependent app, right? So I assume your app was ‘21? Any lawsuit?

At least it’s got a 2 year validity, that’s encouraging.

What does the card say in “Type of Permit” and “Remarks”? Previously, the cards had had “AR INVESTIMENTO” and “ATIVIDADE DE INVESTIMENTO” for the primary applicant, and I’m curious if you got the old style ARI cards or the entrepreneur visa card as per the amendments introduced by Mais Habitação.

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I think everyone’s just quietly agreed to forget about the whole “conversion of the residence permit in a residence permit for entrepreneurial immigrants” Article 89 thing


Lawyers finally received my residence card, which is valid for 2 years (ATIVIDADE DE INVESTIMENTO).

Still no news about my son and my wife. I submitted a case against AIMA last week, which was accepted. So let’s see how long it will take them to respond / complete.


Next update:

Application: November 5, 2021
Pre approval: June 2022
Biometrics: January 5, 2023 Portimão
Lawsuit filed: early December 2023
Won lawsuit: mid April (30 working days to make decision)
Final approval: June 7
DUC paid: June 11 (Lawyer called Portimão office the next day to get card printed ASAP)
Card received: July 4th
Card expiry - June 20 2026

Still waiting on my husband’s card


Thats right. Mine was Oct 21.

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My husband received his card today 9th of July after I received mine on the 4th of July. This phase of our process is now complete.


My wife and 13-year-old son finally got their cards today. Valid for 2 years.
It’s been a wait of 3 years and 4 months. Only one outstanding is my 21-year-old daughter.

This is the dateline from start to finish.

March 2021 GV applications for myself, wife and minor son
October 2021 GV application for university-age daughter
November 2021 Pre-approval for myself, wife and minor son
February 2022 Pre-approval for university-age daughter
March 2022 Biometrics in the Azores for myself, wife and minor son
January 2023 Final approval for me, DUC paid
April 2023 I get my GV card
26.12.2023 Urgent summons filed for my wife and minor son
04.01.2024 Urgent summons for wife and minor son accepted
18.01.2024 We win court case- AIMA has 15 working days to give a decision on their GV applications
05.03.2024 AIMA gives final approval for wife and minor son, DUC paid
18.03.2024 Urgent summons filed for biometrics for university-age daughter
26.03.2024 Urgent summons for university-age daughter accepted
05.06.2024 Biometrics for university-age daughter in Lisbon
21.06.2024 Final approval, DUC paid for university-age daughter
09.07.2024 Cards delivered for wife and minor son


What are the portal application status names? My application is currently saying “Candidature Aceite” (“Application Approved” in English). I did my biometrics in Lisbon in January, 2023 and my original application is from October, 2021. I don’t remember if “Candidature Aceite” is just the pre-approval or if it’s moved forward in any way (It’s been so many years, I’m forgetting…). What will the status name change to as it progresses? And what are the next steps I need to take?

I found this:

  • Em análise = under analysis, once you’ve paid your initial application fee
  • Candidatura Aceite = pre-approved
  • Transferido SIISEF = final approval (SIISEF is the national immigration system)

Other statuses are possible, e.g. if documents are missing, etc.

  • Aguarde envio = initial status before the submission, or later when documents are missing and have to be re-submitted.

So, unfortunately, I haven’t progressed since biometrics.


Well, welcome to the club! I also applied in Oct 2021 and stuck at the same status. I have filed a lawsuit in mid-May to start things moving, but no results so far.

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We haven’t heard anything yet on our March case, sadly. Next time I see you we can commiserate over a nice bottle of Port :wink:

Oh bummer! I’d hate to use premium Porto to drown the sorrow. Let’s plan on Gin - goes quicker… :slightly_smiling_face:


Seems many lawsuits are now stuck in purgatory along with our applications.

Cards for my wife and daughter finally arrived on 09th July. (May 2023 Lisbon bio-metrics and final fee paid on 02nd April 2024).
Two years validity.


Yup, sure seems that way.

That probably makes you the first May - I was a March ‘23 and haven’t heard anything. Did you win a lawsuit?