Awaiting Pre-Approval (Stage 2)

Yeah biometrics are every 3 months these days, like clockwork. Check the biometrics thread for when they last opened, assume they will open a week or two before the previous batch is done

We used a company called Print Scan :slight_smile:


We used Print Scan. They didn’t automatically archive. We called after our lawyer told us about this option and we paid $250 each for a lifetime archive.


Hope this happens! We’re in Italy until Oct 14 then going back to Portugal so timing may be perfect. :crossed_fingers:t2:

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Applied during last ten days of December 2021 – received advice of pre-approval this morning from our Lisbon lawyers. Phew!! Good luck to all who are still waiting.


Thank you, Nicole!! :blush:

Awesome news! Seems that SEF is back at work!
Congrats to you all @PTGV , @artogodaman , @nicole1 , @layover_guy , @rfhmarin and thanks for updating us through this forum. Do you folks mind updating the database, if you haven’t done so already?

On another note, does anyone know if AIMA is still planned to start operating on Oct 29 - does this mean that SEF will continue to work until that date?
I’m still waiting for my pre-approval (applied in June 2022) and I’m not sure how to feel about the transition. SEF has been extremely slow, but who knows if AIMA will be any better…

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Looking for clarification. Does Print Scan save us the (nearly) 2 months that it is taking the State Department to apostille the FBI history check? Or is it saving us the additional trip we need to take to get new fingerprints? SEF has asked us (end of Dec applicant) to send updated FBI history check, so asking for assistance. Thanks.

We reached out to our Congressman for help last April and we got it back in a week. We didnt use a service.

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Guys got this from one of the agents who I know " Dear Investors

We trust you are well. We wanted to give you an update on the latest developments regarding GV in Portugal.

The parliament has amended and passed a new version of the Mais Habitaçao law. This time, the president won’t be able to veto it. What does this mean for you? This means that GV for real estate will only remain available until the president enacts the law that was approved today.

As you know, the timing for such legislative and political matters do not have fixed timelines, yet it is clear that the ending is upon us."
Have you guys heard of this?

See the last posts at this thread: Portugal Golden Visa - The New Law of 2023 - #1529 by CTC

Wow, it was worth the wait. Do you mind sharing the company who did your marriage certificate Apostille?
Congratulations on the Pre-Approval!

It saves your info if you pay to archive the prints so when they continue to expire you can just have them re-run instead of going in person to do your prints every time.


It was a local place called Apostile Pros in California

It’s been another 2 weeks. The 11-year-old GV program in de facto death now. But for the people that are still in the queue, especially for those who applied during last few days of Dec 2021, any updates?

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de facto death? it still exists, just not for real estate.

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14th December 2021 application, still waiting for pre-approval.
Are you December 2021 and still waiting too?

Yes. Last few days of Dec 2021.

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I think most who applied mid-December 2021 have pre-approval? Focus on pre-approvals seems to be on last few days of the month now. I’d follow up and check there is no issue with your application, missing docs for example.

Yes, there are only a few left in the database for the first weeks of December.
I’ve been pushing for the past year without effect - court seems the only way to make a difference but I’ll wait a while longer before I pull the trigger. (I’m in-country already so there shouldn’t be a problem going for a fast track hearing.)