Awaiting Pre-Approval (Stage 2)

While the joke may have been in questionable taste – good jokes often are – spending more than one can afford and getting oneself into financial trouble isn’t anyone’s fault but the spender’s.


I deleted a couple of posts that resorted to personal attacks. Please remember to keep things civil.

It was just an April Fool’s joke guys, and a pretty apt one at that if you ask me. It got me fooled for a second, too.

To paraphrase Ricky Gervais, make sure you don’t mistake the subject of a joke with the target of said joke…


It was a great joke…in good taste actually.


Portugal GV is a one-way tunnel with no exit. Once u enter, there is neither a way out going forward nor a way out making u-turn.

It is like that submersible Titan. Once u hop on the ride with all the fanfare; there is one long eternal descent, looming darkness, bleak prospects and an abyss of misfortune staring back at you.


Exact description.
Journey of no return.
Spiral without exit.
black hole.


I could sell my investment at any point and cut my losses if I so choose

If you invested in something you can’t do that with that’s not on the GV program or Portugal


True, but everything else is on ARI, PT, and the surrounding ecosystem.

Lets also not pretend that real estate in PT – by far the most popular GV pathway – is necessarily quick or cheap to liquidate.


The keyword here is “losses”. It is not even like financial markets where u can at least book them at your convenience.

Sounds like a pro trader…

Well, currently I have quite a lot of gains. “Cut your losses” is an expression

I respect others’ decisions to invest their money however they felt like investing it. I don’t see the need to badger everyone twice a week about why my investment is the only acceptable and logical choice.

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If that’s at me that’s certainly not my intent. I’m just sick of the whining about the process being slow or inherently trapping your money.

If I say I’m sick of people telling other people to stop complaining, can we cancel each other out?! :sunglasses:


Idle Question - in theory can you extract your gains from a portfolio investment (like real estate rent) and only keep the base capital intact (without affecting GV requirements ) during the 5 to whatever years of residence. Or do the funds generally prevent that

So with the formation of the new Portuguese government, will there be a new minister overseeing the work of AIMA? I know its a coalition government between center-left and center-right, but any reason to hope a center-right minister might be put in charge, that might undo the de-prioritization of Golden Visa applications? :woman_shrugging: Sigh, hope springs eternal i guess;)

My lawyer said AIMA will start using a.i. for anaysis… Will make the procesd faster…

I will believe it AFTER they report results.

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They will use AI to analyse. Then AIMA will check and verify results from AI again. In total it’s going to take more times than before. It is a good way to burn out public budget and still keep their jobs.


What if we (GV applicants awaiting pre-approvals) prepared a letter to AIMA asking for clarity on expected timelines for pre-approvals ; I was thinking about something like a petition where a 100 persons for example will sign a common letter. Do you think that it is feasible?


What I was told by my lawyer and banker is that if your fund gives you dividends, you can take it out. But the initial amount cannot be touched. You dont have to top up if the value goes down, nor can you take out if it goes up.

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The funds can distribute profit. This is what our fund plans to do once the underlying investments have been sold. Only the original capital invested needs to stay in the fund.

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