Beating a dead horse - Autorenewal of PT Resident card

Sorry for beating a dead horse here. I have read several posts on various expat forums and I still do not have a clear answer. So I thought why not ask the experts over here:

I have a D3 resident card - Highly Qualified slave activity bla bla fancy shmancy visa
Valid for 2 years. Validity expires in Sept mid this year.

In March, SEF’s portal was showing me the option to renew and it asked me - What are you?

  1. Self-employed
  2. Having a job contract

I could not answer because I lost my job last year end. I did not click anywhere and shamefully logged off, hid myself under a pillow and went off to sleep… I woke up now…
I have paid all my taxes, which were quite a lot. I have filed my returns for year 2023. I still need to pay the AT (Autoret@rd Tributaria lol) the IRS some money because well, the company did not deduct everything in the last payment when they laid me off.

Now, when I log into SEF I no longer am presented with the autorenewal option. Like thousands of others, it tells me:
O titulo de residencia que possui nao permite a utilizacao de funcionalidade “renovacao automatica”

My question is:

Have I missed my chance to renew? Is it too late for me?
Is it too early to expect autorenewal option to be available?
Is it that I am not being presented with this option since I am not employed (also not taking unemployment from the gov, not being a burden) and not paying social security anymore?
Is it that I am out of the country since 2 months?

My card expires in Sept 2024, am I overthinking? Will it just provide me with an autorenewal option but later?

Please share what do you think about my situation? Thank you.

Some one please advise me :frowning:

Since you’re not on GV you might find better info in another group. E.g. Americans and Friends PT on facebook. Although that is mostly D7, possibly some D3 people there.

However your permit validity was extended at least until June 2025 by government decree. So no need to panic.

Thank you so much for responding. I had read about the extension of validity - something that was announced June end 2024… could you please care to elaborate more. I just need to be sure. Will I still have the right to travel, work, live etc. Also does it apply to everyone?

All the info we have is here: Wiki: Validity of expired documents and permits (Portugal)

I don’t know exactly how D3 works, if it’s tied to your work then maybe you need to find another employer to be able to renew? Have you tried contacting an immigrant support group like CLAIM in your area?

Once you have lived there 5 years you should apply for PR + citizenship ASAP.

You could also try the auto renewal again (if you haven’t already) since it reopened at the end of last week.

Thank you anonymous69 and tkrunning. D3 is for Highly Qualified Activity visa. I don’t think any of the visas are directly tied to work. it isn’t like H1-B of USA, but to secure a D3 visa you do need to have work, after which even if you lose your employment, your TR (Temp residency) is still valid. I have been checking the auto-renewal page (Old SEF) website almost every day.

I have a question for others: Is anyone else on D7 GV other visas also getting the same message as I am ? I am asking those whose residency is about to expire in Aug-Sept.

Thank you once again for responding to my query and for hosting this forum.

P.S. I read your post here Thanks for that as well.