Best app to learn European Portuguese


Do you have a recommendation for an app to learn European Portuguese? Most apps (like duolingo) teach Brazilian Portuguese.



“Drops” has a European Portuguese option, as does Pimsleur. “Portuguese FEL” (Fun, Easy, Learn) is European Portuguese as well I believe. I haven’t chosen one to keep up with myself.

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I like

Mia Esmeriz Academy

Mia is a native of Portugal. Her course is in European NOT Brazilian Portuguese

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Memrise is the best for European Portuguese


I see that at +100,000 Brazilians are living now in Portugal.

They speak Brazilian Portuguese.

Have any failed to receive citizenship because they did not speak European Portuguese??

We are using Memrise as well. Love it.

While not an app, I came across this youtube channel
It’s quite helpful when it comes to spoken European Portuguese, which in my experience, can be quite challenging as they cut a lot of things short making it hard to understand them :laughing:

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Drops is my favorite app to start learning a language.

I’ve been enjoying Beelingua App which you can use to read and listen to text in Portuguese with an English translation side-by-side. It’s helpful once you’ve established a basic vocabulary (which you could get with Drops).

Thank you for sharing @sam

I second In addition to focusing on European Portuguese, I am finding very strong retention of what I am learning, in contrast to other sources I’ve used in the past (such as Duolingo).

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I’ve tried a few things - almost done with the (only) 30 lessons in pt-pt on Pimsleur, after which I plan to redo them with my wife. I’m also intermittently reading a vocab book I bought off amazon, and am considering hiring some private lessons on italki, hopefully to get me to a level where I can read pt books and watch pt media, which I can then do to learn on my own down time.

Anyone do anything similar? I imagine lots of us here are learning portuguese!

I use memrise and this book from amazon. Both are amazing.

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I would still recommend private online lessons. I had great experience doing that with my German, Serbian and Spanish in past 10 years - two times a week 1-1.5 hours classes, and in 9-12 months I passed easily B1 and satisfactorily B2 exams for each of these languages.

Of course, it’s very important to practice language in real life: my German and Serbian went better as I used them for work on almost daily basis, while Spanish is yet theoretical for me…

The price varied, but on average I paid not more than 50 euro per 1.5 hour class with the native speaker. Now for Spanish classes I pay 25 euro per hour. That gives us an estimate of up to 5000 euro costs for the whole course, after which you feel confident and speak quite fluently in the regular situations and over a glass of wine.

Interesting thing: my German prof did not even speak my native language, so we used English for explanations in first weeks. Also I know my current Spanish prof (she’s Russian) teaches my American friends too.

For Portuguese I’ll definitely choose the same option, and I’m pretty sure it will be faster than other languages I learnt before, thanks to the Spanish “background” (generally, with B1-B2 Spanish I can now easily understand written texts in Portuguese).

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Max thank you for good info.
By far the best way to learn is by in-person classes in Portugal. However, for most people this isn’t practical. I think your suggestion is the next best option. I assume you mean 1:1 instruction. I am taking group classes online and it isn’t really working well to advancepartially because I don’t have time to devote right now. But I think group classes are very helpful in the very beginning to build the foundation of pronunciation and grammar. Then I plan to eventually switch to 1:1 instruction.

Where do you two find lessons online?

italki is good for 1:1 lessons

how did you find your tutors?

Agree, group classes can be a good option in the beginning. However, in my particular case the flexibility in the schedule and the specific professional topics I’d like to cover (they most likely never ever come to the vocabulary of most people) made me make 1:1 choice - in person before covid and online after. Frankly, I did not feel very much difference…

We got several nationwide language schools, and the private lessons you can find online ( or in case with Russia).