Best deal for Self Employed EU citizen under NHR in Portugal?

Hi fellow nomads!

I’m planning a move to Portugal in September to avoid TAX on my private capital gains in the UK, where I currently live and work as a Sole Trading Holistic Life Coach.

I am a Polish citizen and have chosen Portugal for its 0% on Cryptocurencies, but also might probably settle there with my business as I’m growing it slowly for about a year.
I found out that there is a very beneficial way of low taxation falling under NHR - a 20% flat rate. The rules under which to qualify are very blurry to me at this point. I read about the list of the Eligeble Occupations - and my understanding is that I would fall under mentioned “General Managers, Executive Managers” as a Sole Trader? Or would I need to be a LTD company to qualify for this?

But then I guess I my company would need to pay a corporate tax?

Someone e in the recent thread mentioned @tkrunning has experience with the subject so if you have any idea how to approach this puzzle I would appreciate.

Why do you say Portugal has 0% tax on cryptos? All trading capital gains are taxed even if NHR.
You dont need to be incorporated to qualify under the Eligible Occupations. You just need a good lawyer.
Holistic Life Coach won’t be classified as a GM or Exec Manager unless you had a large team you managed.