Best retirement forums, podcasts, resources?

I’m new to the forum and wondering if there’s dedicated Nomad Gate section for retirees.

Thanks in advance for any recommendations. :blush:

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This is a great question! Similarly, I’m wondering if anyone can recommend resources for moving overseas for retirement. I get emails from organizations like “Live and Invest Overseas” and “International Living”, but frankly I shy away from them because they come across to me as sales gimmicks. I’m OK with an email that says “click here4 for more information”, but when I do and I get page after page of “testimonials”, I get turned off.

Can anyone recommend some solid resources for those of us considering overseas retirement?

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International Living really isn’t that bad. Of course they are selling something - they have invested time and information to gather data, it’s not unreasonable to want to get paid for their time and effort in gathering and sorting that data and cultivating contacts.

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I’ve found a few good YouTube channels with very useful info. Ok started by searching “Tavira” and “retire.” Some were mostly about food but I’ve learned a lot this week just from watching YouTube.