Car import in Portugal

Hello fellow Portuguese GV applicants!

I am moving to Portugal soon and I want to import my car from the Netherlands (where I lived before that). As some of you might have noticed, car prices in Portugal are ones of the highest in EU thanks to ISV import tax and VAT. Ownership is not that expensive though comparing to eastern EU countries such as NL.

Thanks to the fact that ex-emigrants and expats are exempt from these taxes, importing previously owned (at least 6 months) car is a good idea!

To start with, I want to find a customs car broker (or however it’s called) - a person who’d help me structure and gather all the documents needed for this procedure. I’ve read an article where a person describer 21+ documents he gathered to do that, some of which is impossible for me to get… That car was imported from Russia though, within EU there must a lot less paperwork I guess.

Could anyone recommend such a person willing to help with car import paperwork?

Thanks in advance for your tips and comments!