Citizenship assured after Golden Visa

Hi Guys,
Great place to discuss Portugal GV program.
Is the path to citizenship assured once the person complies with GV requirements ? In addition to the language test?
Any history about that?
If they change the law during the 5-6 years of GV will the bearers of GV be affected?

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Guaranteed? No. There are no guarantees.
GV only gives you residency. Citizenship falls under normal naturalization rules, no different for GV or D7 or anyone else.
Could the law change? Yes.
Could the existing GV holders be affected? Yes.
No guarantees in love, war, or residency. Pays your money and takes your chances.


I understand it is not guaranteed. But how likely is it to be refused citizenship assuming you and your family are regular decent persons (no fishy business or an alarming past)
Personally , I am an engineer and a software developer, my wife is an ex-banker, my eldest is studying engineering and the little one is at high school.
Maybe my profile will help others assess my odds. Thanks for your help

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I agree with you, if a country promise on something, they can only change it for new participants. i.e. they can ask for a higher level from language test but it can apply for new participants. That is the basic rule of law.