Cost Calculation for Obtaining Portuguese Passport for Yourself or Your Child

:dart: Option A: Obtaining Portuguese Passport for Yourself and Your Child

Golden Visa Route:

  1. Cost incurred (all amounts in euros):
  2. Obtain NIF tax number through a person on fiverr - 100
  3. Open a bank account - 0
  4. Complete fund KYC process
  5. Transfer 500,000 euros to a personal account in Portugal
  6. Transfer funds to the fund company
  7. Prepare all documents for immigration approval
  8. Immigration approval, landing in Portugal, and fingerprinting - 774*2
  9. Additional immigration approval - 774*2
  10. After approval, pay the initial card production fee for the Golden Residence Card - 7730*2
    Subtotal: Total expenditure up to this point - 17,104

Time cost and risk:
If there are no expedited approvals or queue jumping after the new regulations, it could take a considerable amount of time to obtain the first residence card. Based on forum posts, the entire process seems to have four stages, and most individuals take around 2 years to obtain the card.
11. The first card is valid for 2 years, requiring a stay of 14 days or more // considered as travel cost, not included
12. Renewal fees for subsequent cards - application fee 774 * 2
13. Card production fees for renewals, obtaining a new card with a validity of 3 years - 3866 * 2
Subtotal: Renewal costs - 9280 euros
14. According to some forum posts, another card renewal may be necessary, leading to additional costs - 774 * 2 + 3866 * 2
Subtotal: Additional renewal costs - 9280 euros
15. The cost of obtaining the passport is unknown.

Total estimated expenditure up to this point: 35,664 euros

  1. Various translation and notarization costs
  2. Costs related to A2 language learning and exams
  3. Legal fees: Reports suggest legal fees range from 6000 to 15000 euros due to Portuguese bureaucracy.

Approximately 2 years for card approval, 5 years of holding, and another 2 years for the next application = 9 years.

Requirements for materials provided by the immigration office include notarized and translated documents.

There are 4 or 5 open-ended funds that meet the criteria, with 2 of them being established for over 20 years, investing in top financial, energy, and utility companies in Portugal.

Fund return rate and holding costs:
Average return rate over the past 5 years is 5.5%
Management fees around 2%, resulting in a net return of 3.5%
Non-residents are exempt from personal income tax, but an annual declaration is estimated to cost 310 euros/year.

500,000 * 3.5% = 17,500 euros/year
5 years = 87,500 projected income
7 years = 122,500, including withdrawal after approval queue
9 years = 157,500, after obtaining passport and withdrawal
Risk: Financial crisis in Portugal, prolonged decline in the PSI20 index, or Euro exchange rate risk.

:dart: Option 2: Have a Child and Obtain a Passport for Your Child

According to available information, obtaining any legal Portuguese visa seems possible.
There is some conflicting information regarding:

  1. Holding a valid visa for 1 year
  2. Actual residence for 1 year

The details are not yet clear, but regardless, if this is the goal, it seems possible to obtain any visa at a low cost, perhaps spending only a few thousand. This also eliminates the need to endure a lengthy 2-year approval process, and with actual residence, it could take 3 years.

I am not sure if there are significant deviations in the information I have compiled, and I welcome corrections.

Expected returns:9 years = 157,500
Minimum cost:35,664
Including attorney’s fees: 15,000
Returns after expenses:106836
Annualized rate of return:(106836/9)/500000=2.37%

I have never made a estate investment before and I had trouble calculating my costs during my previous buy-to-let immigration period. But after updating the fund investment regulations, I think things have become easier.
// I think real estate is difficult to estimate market value and incurs a lot of red tape and holding costs.

So I’m going to use the open fund approach to figure out the deal.

If birthright citizenship for your child is what you want, it’s hard to beat the simplicity of USA or Canada.

You’re right, that’s a good option. Several of my friends have had children in the US.
But I see a lot of Americans on this forum wanting to give up their U.S. passports, which could be for tax considerations?
I haven’t started comparing in detail whether it’s better for a child to be born in Canada or Portugal.

There is a cost of obtaining the Portuguese Nationality:

  1. Government Fees of €250
  2. Lawyers Fees, [€800 to €4500 depends upon the law firm] as the applications are made by the attorneys and there are no interviews or Nationality Tests involved. Only thing is to prove an A2 - Language qualification.

Once you do qualify for a Nationality you have to apply for Citizenship Card (Cartão de Cidadão) , that costs you €18 for a Normal Processing - 15 days, €53 for an extremely urgent next day delivery in Lisbon and then obtaining a passport is nothing but a cakewalk and it costs just €65.

Portugal do not have a birth right citizenship for a baby, unless one of the parent has resided for atleast an year before the birth, irrespective of the visa status shall suffice the requirements.

Thank you very much for your reply.
I did see a case before where she gave birth to a child to gain citizenship while holding a D7 visa for the first year.

Then according to the fastest schedule, can get pregnant and look for medical care six months after applying for the visa.

Getting pregnant intentionally for visa / citizenship purposes is kinda gross.

That’s one possible reading, but probably they want to have a baby anyway, and are just considering which country they most want to live in for that baby’s future.


It’s amazing to be a US citizen and be taxed on worldwide earnings for life! /s