Costs of securing Golden Visa

Hi everyone … Can anyone share what the actual costs of securing a GV are beyond the costs for acquiring property and the closing fees for such acquisition? What are the lawyers fees for the entire process? What are the statutory fees and charges for application for the first residence visa and each of the two renewals before one becomes eligible for permanent residence or citizenship? What are the statutory and other fees/charges for converting a residence permit into citizenship. Any guidance on this would be most appreciated

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I have catalogued all the costs for all the options I considered (funds, real estate and lawyers) here.


Hi Jim, interesting analysis which I’m sure people will find helpful.

I saw you noted an exit fee of 0.25% for a fund investment with Bison Bank. My understanding was that there is only a subscription fee of 0.25% (assuming Bison is also the depositary for the fund) and quarterly custody fee of 0.025%. Just wondering where you got the exit fee from? Thanks.

I did not have that in the doc till this week, when I noticed this from this post…

I have not independently verified with Bison or BIG

I’ve confirmed with Bison and there’s no exit fee. Their standard subscription fee is actually 0.5% (it’s reduced to 0.25% if you are investing into a fund whose depositary account is also with Bison).

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Thanks - I have updated the sheet.

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I am getting a quote from a firm to help facilitate this process for 5% of the purchase price of the property. Does not include legal fees, etc. Would this type of costs be in the spreadsheet and is 5% a competitive rate?

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Yes it is in B11 on the Real Estate Tab. However, I do not have any data points on it - so it is currently set to zero. I did not seriously consider real estate so did very little research on it.


just wondering why merman exit value is 280k and 350k for the 350 buy back projects

Also what’s “chosen fund”? Is that the name, or the fund you chose?

just wondering why merman exit value is 280k and 350k for the 350 buy back projects

Exit value of Mercan is 280k as that is the minimum amount needed for most of their projects that are Golden Visa eligible and they simply return capital - so the recommended amount, and the exit value for Mercan are both 280K.

There is a fund choice you can pick on the Inputs tab - Fund Choice, Bank Choice, etc. Those choices are reflected on all the other sheets. Chosen Fund is simply the one that you pick on the Inputs tab. My version has picked Shilling as that is the fund I chose to invest in. You can change all the inputs on the Inputs tab to suit your own choices and/or preferences.

The only option available now is for 350k and 3% return after opening

Updated the minimum on Mercan to 350K - I have not independently verified it, but taking your word that they don’t have the 280K options anymore - may have to do with the 2022 law changes.

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Thanks. That comes with a 3% annual return after property is in operation

Since that is much bigger change to model accurately, I have added a 1.5% annual income on it - which is a 3% rate for roughly half the 6 year term of the investment amortized over the whole term of the investment. Not that this makes a massive difference to the overall equation, but it does reflect the economics more closely.

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Hello! I just started researching the Golden Visa today and it seems like a really great way to be able to obtain EU citizenship. I have one question that I haven’t been able to find the answer to and I’m hoping maybe someone here can help me out with.

Let’s say I chose to pursue one of Mercan’s €280K (like the one they just emailed me about), how much money is required for the property up front, and also, how much would the monthly payments be for the remainder of the 5 years? Or do you have to pay for it all up front?

I’m sure it varies for each property, but I just can’t find any numbers of this nature in my research. Thank you!

For Mercan, you pay for it all up front. There are also SEF fees and legal fees on top of that figure.


Thank you!

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Can anyone verify the track record of Mercan in terms of their delivery or buyback of shares at the end of their respective tenure with regards to properties under the 280k or 350k bracket options

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