Crypto Debit Card

I am looking into getting a Crypto debit card:

Just wondering if anyone uses them and what is your experience with this card or similar cards

My thinking is this and please correct me if i am wrong. I hold 7 different coins in my wallets and next year i think we should see a nice increase across the market. I would like to ‘cash out’ some of my gains to be able to spend. Am i right in saying that i can transfer from my wallet to my Kraken exchange and convert this into a stablecoin so i keep the value. Here i can then transfer it across to the crypto card and spend in shops…etc

I dont think i should send my Bitcoin to the debit card as the price is very volatile. Dont know much about Stable coin

Another option is to transfer the bitcoin across to the Wirex card and then transfer it into Euro.

Not sure from a tax point of view how these cards work either. Is it teachnically ‘cashing out’ if i spend in store

Thanks in advance for any tips or advice

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Take a look at the Crypto. Com app and wallet. They have a range of Visa debit cards. They seem to have pushed TENX face down in the dirt as far as development is concerned. Anything crypto to fiat will require KYC to sign up. The new Crypto. Com wallet permits storage of assets with ownership of keys and assets can be exchanged back and forth between the wallet and the app. They also have a pretty nice exchange integrated. Very slick set up. Take a look and make your own decision. Just to be clear, you can store your crypto on the wallet and move to the app to sell into fiat for use on the debit card. You can also earn interest on certain assets if you store on the app. Hope that helps

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Cliff my old pal
Much appreciated for the advice again I’m going to check this one out and compare with against the WireX card
Are you living in Lisbon ? How’s life ? :sunglasses:

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Feeling like one of the best decisions I’ve ever made to come here. I really like the people and the country not to mention the food, the wine, the beer, the climate and how it feels to be tax free. I was savaged by the UK tax rules. I’m based in Aveiro. The virus has put the mockers on a lot of things but that will pass. The NHR (non habitual residence) has changed this year. As long as you have not been resident in Portugal for any of the 5 years prior to applying for NHR, it’s easy to sign up for once resident. You will need to look into whether it offers any benefits in your individual case. Feel free to contact again if you think I can be off help.

Check out too. It is recommended by Tone Vays who is a big influencer in Bitcoin so I trust him that the Embily company isn’t shady. The setup and fees are straight forward.

I don’t really like Crypto[.]com because they lure you into the purchase of their own minted MCO-token and staking, which basically gives them a lot of money for free.

I’ve heard mostly good things about Wirex, it works well.

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I have a debit card from

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It’s always worthwhile when looking into Crypto debit cards to check fees and charges. How much to buy the card, to deliver the card? Top up charge, monthly charge, zero balance charge, renewal and replacement charge? ATM monthly limits and any percentage charges beyond the limit? Exchange rates and any limits? And as far as I know, it is not necessary to buy MCO tokens in order to get the basic Crypto. com card. Holding MCO gives access to benefits. As usual, dyor.

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That’s true. Well spotted. See posts above your post for reference to

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Thank you everyone for all your help, much appreciated

I decided to download the Wirex app yesterday and order my Visa card. So far very happy with their service, security and ease of use

Bitwala also offers a crypto debit card.

The card and account have no fees, unlike the monthly card maintenance fees at Wirex. Furthermore, the card has no foreign exchange fees, whereas Wirex charges a 3% fee for currency conversion. This makes the Bitwala card better for traveling.

They are integrated with a German bank (Solarisbank), so you get your own German IBAN and deposit insurance up to €100,000.

It’s only [available to residents of the EEA currently. To sign up, you’ll need to complete a video call where you show your passport/ID and physical address proof (e.g. bank statement) that shows your EEA address. The list of nationalities that can apply can be found here.


Been a wirex user for around 2 years now and cannot fault the service. My nomadic lifestyle is funded by trading ethereum and bitcoin. The fees are decent and you can hold DAI stablecoin on the wallet as well as fiat and other coins.

I would also look into getting a nexo card as when released you will not need to sell your crypto assets in order to use the card to spend in stores etc

I’ve used Bitwala to buy BTC but rates were very good… for them I not so sure now with their change to be a crypto bank. The main issue is that crypto are meant to be used directly, from your wallet to a POS or another wallet, they are meant to be a substitute of cards. By moving crypto to cards you make it just worse than using directly cards.