Documents required for 280k rehab of 30 years plus building

HI There , I am buying 2 run down flats in Portugal and rehabilitating them. Does any one know the documents required I need to submit for my GV. I understand a scope of works from the developer and payment to a lawyer in their escrow for works however main query is ‘‘do I have to produce a certificate from the townhall saying works are concluded’’?. The nature of works I am conducting are superficial as there is no structural change and just replacing the kitchen / bath / paint etc . I assume I do not need the town hall permission. can anyone clarify? Highly appreciated .

Hi Deepak, you should first of all consult the official source of information which is SEF:

And more specifically, this link for the list of required documents under your scenario:

You Sir are a star - thank you for this !!!

Please be sure to also check the Portuguese version of the same PDF as some English terms don’t make sense when translated by SEF.
E.g. I had been mystified by the term ‘legal description’ for a few months until I read the same PDF in PT and realized this was a translation for ‘caderneta predial’ :grinning:

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We had to provide info on the sale and then the works contract to do the rehabilitation work. The work did not need to be completed (or paid for) prior to the GV apply being submitted, but I imagine you will need to show something about that come renewal time.

This is helpful thank you