Excellent, responsive litigation lawyer needed

Hello all. Unfortunately my real estate acquisition is a cautionary tale for the ages and, as we have discovered, involved misrepresentations from multiple parties, possibly including the professionals we hired to make sure we were protected. Does anyone have a referral for a good litigator who’s responsive and serious? Though my Portuguese is getting better, Fluency in English is important because all the relevant documents are in English. Any leads would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Welcome to the club…

Are you considering suing for a breach of real estate contract, for malpractice or something else? And a particular part of the country would be helpful. I have some experience with bad lawyers and some with good lawyer but I am not sure if they are in the same region as you.

Thanks, and sorry that you’re in the same club. Yes, we are looking at misrepresentation claims and also likely breach of contract claims, primarily against the seller but also potentially the seller’s agent. The seller lives in Lisbon and that’s where our attorneys have been located, but the property is near Viseu and working with someone closer to that area could have advantages.

Sorry to hear that, which one did you invest in?

Well, the “advice” I seem to be getting is pretty well summed up by this quote:

“ The best you can hope for when hiring a Portuguese lawyer is that this lawyer, even if honest and competent (you need to be very lucky), will be totally useless and you’ll burn a lot of money, lose countless precious years of your life and your sanity and family life will be profoundly affected, because your case will collide with a wall of an inherently corrupt and appallingly incompetent Portuguese justice system from which nothing good will ever come out to bring justice to the victims, quite exactly the opposite invariable happens.”



Should we just accept that we were robbed blind, let the criminals enjoy their spoils, and move on?

It is good to know names of projects/developers that are not complying with what was agreed at the moment

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that a site named “poortugalscum” isn’t reliable

I didn’t know about that portal called poortugalscum…before I met it I was very nervous…now I think I’m going to lose sleep completely

Mine was a regular real estate purchase, not a big operation. So my particular kettle of fish is mine alone.

It’s anecdotal for sure, but that quote is basically the heart of what several well-connected developers and lead attorneys at top-tier firms have also said.

After about a year of my own sleepless nights, I’ve learned a lot. If you’d like to discuss, feel free to DM me and we can connect. Happy to help others avoid or navigate the traps I’ve fallen into.

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seems true to me

  1. Justice is luck. (yet their fees are always guaranteed)
  2. The judge can do whatever he/she wants, regardless of what the law requires.