Experience with InteractiveBrokers?


how do you fund an IB account when you only have a European bank account with (IBAN/SEPA) ?

What are your experiences with IB ?

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Best of the best I would say. Use n26 Bank to sent EUR SEPA to IB Account.

IB have EUR account too. So from there you can exchange to whatever currency/stock exchange you want to trade.

I use TransferWise. Works great!! n26 is the other choice, but I like transferwise better. n26 is a real bank and has tax implications, as they turn your name into the country where you have your registered address so that the country can tax you, Transferwise is not a real bank and does not have to share your info with any countries for tax reasons.

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I use IB for my long term investment portfolio, it is definitely the best and easily has the most options as far as different stock markets and products go. The software is not the most user friendly but once you learn everything its great to use and really does give you a high level of control. Another honourable mention that I have used is SaxoGlobal - also wide range of markets, good rates, easier to use than IB but for trades in large amounts they can have some predatory practices which is why I stick to IB.

Good luck!

Most important thing is the profit.
Ib is a rare broker who gives you best price like Fidelity, although most of brokers give you higher price for bid.
Its margin interest is always lowest as well.
So you can get profit easiest with IB platform among any other brokers.

Here is a list of top 50 stocks in NYE. https://static.seekingalpha.com/uploads/2020/1/3/1112099-15781019865672612_origin.png
You could chose some of these for your portfolio that will overcome most of investment, funds, derivatives, etc. Especially, after the next recession or decline of NYX / anti-Trump war.

@65000Tarbes where are you getting this information from? TransferWise, as well as any investment broker you invest with also have to report your end-of-year holdings to your country of residency under AEOI/CRS. It’s not just for “real banks” as you state.

I don’t think it’s a good strategy to look at whichever companies did best last year and just buy those. Google “mean reversion”. Of course, some of them might do well this year as well, but for others investors might realize that they are now overvalued and their stock price will fall to be in line with their fundamentals—or at least grow more slowly.

To be a bit more on-topic: Interactive Brokers is great, although the signup process is a bit convoluted and it might seem a bit intimidating as a newb. Their phone and iPad apps are relatively user friendly, though. I wrote more about IB and other brokers here.

I know you do not well under stand stock market and cashflow (that is capitalism) as you say “It might”, you do not need to say you think, because I know what you would like to say before you say something. I present the list to whom interested in stock market not for index investers like you. The list is among SPY, which performance is at least as you know, one of the best index of NYX, always shows much better performance than most of funds and investments and even hedge funds. The price, PER, of growing company is always high so that you are scared. But for example a company’s PER is 300 for five years and grow 800%. The business of those companies is always open for anyone, and revenue and cashflow you can easily know it through internet. NYX comittee and professional investers and media and government checks up those companies instead of you, so that it is low risk and high return investment for long term.
If you have no idea, you simple dart at the list and invest them, for example 10 stocks, that will give you better performance than most of professional fund managers for long term investment. All you need is buying growing companies in the list and keeping it as long as it grows. For example, if you bought AAPL (in the list) 20 years ago at $5, you now have more than 6000% without doing anything.
This is for people who are interested in stock market, not for complaints and if you are not interested in it, pass through it.