Expiring passport, 90 days and GV delays!

I am wondering if anyone has had to renew their passport part way through the GV process? When we originally applied, I had 3 years validity left. I now have approximately 6 months remaining. The issue is that we have a wedding to attend in Britain mid-July and as Portugal requires 3 months validity on a traveller’s passport, I will not possess an adequate amount of remaining time with my UK passport and thus will be unable to board the plane in London for the return flight.

I also possess a 2nd passport (Canadian) which is still valid, though the GV application is linked to my British one. Our lawyer mentioned that if I need to change passport details before final approval and the issuance of the visas, it could further delay things. We have also been successful with a court summons against AIMA, which could see our visas granted before we have to travel. Needless to say, I am trying to understand my options at this time. Has anyone on NG been in a similar situation? I would be curious to hear if so.

Mine expires in the next few months, and I asked the same question of my lawyers. They do not see it as a problem, and just asked me to forward a copy of the new passport when issued.


That sounds simple enough. Thank you for the reply. :slightly_smiling_face:

There’s two options for you:

  • simply renew and use your new passport for PT GV purposes
  • get a second British passport (yes, it is possible) and keep using the ‘old’ one until its last date of expiry (if that helps you logistically)

I renewed my passport between my initial GV submission and biometrics - no problems at all with SEF. At biometrics I only presented my new passport, they were very happy.


Thanks Tommy. It is certainly nice to hear that it didn’t cause you any problems.

It seems that multiple/changing citizenship really confuses SEF/AIMA:

So probably best to keep renewing on your UK passport if possible.

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I had to replace my passport after biometric appointment. The old one was stolen in Barcelona airport during my biometric trip.
Before the final approval, SEF asked for a copy of my new passport and final approval came approximately 2 weeks after the submission. It appeared that SEF checked some databases and found my old one marked invalid.

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This is all very reassuring. Thank you for your input Roger.

Hi Tommy. At the time of your biometrics, did you refresh all your vital documents to be within 6 months?

Yes, of course, and I had plenty of time for that too, 7 days :rofl:

Remember not all of them are 6 months valid: there’s 12, 6, 3 months, and lastly 45 days for some.

Hi Tommy, Which of these are 12, 6, 3 and 45 ? Can you elaborate please?

The search function works well !


It’s not that easy to get a second British passport, you do need a solid reason. I tried once, on the basis I was living in Asia and my travel often involved applying for several visas, and I got my employer to write a letter of support. However I wasn’t travelling frequently enough to satisfy them. They told me (I applied in person in Hong Kong, when they handled renewals here) that, for example, my existing passport would need to show I’d be travelling to country X one week, at the same time that I needed to be applying for the visa for country Y where I’d be off to the following week. My pilot husband, who uses his passport for work every day, got a second one v easily.

Sure, it basically depends on the agent who handles your application, but like I said it’s possible. In fact if you had applied together with your husband, he could have added you in his employer’s letter as his family member and you would not have to present a letter on your own. I did it this way.

Oh that’s interesting.

Hi Chris, does your lawyer upload your new passport in the application? Will it be different if my application has not been pre-approved yet as I understand you have already done your biometrics?

Hi, not sure - probably best to check with your lawyer

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