Facing issue in bank account open on basis of USA LLC

I have LLC in US and non resident i tried to open bank account in mercury, relay financial, brex cash but they reject my application. i have wise business account but unable to get wise debit card what should i do?

I have the same issue I am still struggling this for more than 1.5 year and I got EIN but only a copy and I applied ITIN but not yet received ,my application declined by mercury and when I asked them they refused give me reason. I filed tax returns,filed compliance last year.( Not this year )

I am from Sri Lanka.Start up entraprenur. I wanted to get USA bank account and stripe payment processor, as stripe & all most many payment gateways are not available in Sri Lanka. Stripe is Very useful for software projects easy for integration for many platforms.

I used the Jumpstart filling service as agent to incorporate LLC and Bank account opening ,but they failed to deliver services as they mentioned.

If anyone can post article regarding this matter it will highly appreciated and there are many having same issue

You may get personal card only. so account for the company will be at wise but card private which you can do in N26