Faded Fingerprints

My dependent parent is above 80 years. The finger prints have got faded because of age. The finger prints do not get captured in biometrics.
Has anyone faced this issue. Does SEF have an alternative or give an exception in such cases.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

You may want to see this post dealing with light fingerprints: GV spouse document requirements - #37 by Lourenco

I was concerned about my too smooth finger tips, so I googled and googled some more for tips. Here is what I found. It worked for me.

Download and print the official FBI fingerprint form FD-258. Use white matte cardstock of the type used for business cards.

Plump up the volumn of your finger ridges with hand lotion. Most effective are those where the second ingerdient is glycerin (1st is always water). Corn Huskers Lotion is inexpensive and easy to find. For # of days before being printed, apply # of times a day. I saw rapid results from about a week of 2 a day applications, with the second done before going to bed. YMMV. Some suggest on the night before being printed, apply lotion liberally then wear gloves while sleeping.

In law enforcement and other situations they don’t have time to wait for your finger ridges to plump up. They use chemical ridge enhancers such as Ridge Builder Lotion and I.D. Enhancer Spray. I brought some to my fingerprinting session. Didn’t needed it, but I’d rather have it and not need it than the other way around. Shop online:


I have had this same problem with my mother. Her fingerprints are not legible. The FBI customer service told me I should go back to SEF and ask them what to do in this case. SEF offices were closed. I will ask SEF what to do when I have my biometrics meeting. I’m afraid I have had no joy solving this problem and my lawyers have not been able to help.