Filling Schengen visa form for biometrics appointment

Please share any information related to filling of Schengen visa forms for biometrics appt.
Specifically for these questions.

  1. Purpose of the journey ( Tourism or Business of Official visit?)

  2. Additional information on purpose of stay ( Should we say “for ARI biometrics appointment” ?)

  3. Surname and first name of the inviting person(s) in the Member State(s). If not applicable, name of hotel(s) or temporary accommodation(s) in the Member State(s): (should we list the lawyer details or hotel name ?)

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I can answer the first two.
23. Purpose- Business
24. Additional- ARI appointment is fine. You can enclose the invite letter from the lawyer and copy of the mail from SEF.
25. I am not sure and would request other board members to answer.


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  1. Hotel name and address
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What should I fill in Point 30 about name and address of person inviting and Point 31 about name and address of organization inviting.

I have an invite letter from Mercan. Should I give those details or should I simply give my hotel address in Point 30 and give the name of organization as SEF in point 31.


yeah. I am confused as well on what should I put there.

Just wanted to note here the application form details I had entered ( I was issued Schengen visa by Portuguese consulate in Washington DC)

  1. Purpose of the Journey : Business
  2. Additional information on purpose of stay : Biometrics appointment for ARI at xyz location on day and time
    30: Inviting person in member state or name of hotel : Put name of the hotel and address where you are staying
    31: Name and address of inviting company/organization : Put name of the law firm and lawyer name with address

Good luck to all of you.

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