First time Portugal taxes… Annex L help 🙏

Hi there,
We’re filing taxes for the first time, for partial year tax residency (only December). We are trying to fill out our Annex L/NHR form and have gotten really confused on how to declare our foreign income.

We only have income from dividends and rental income. We haven’t worked in December nor received income from other sources. Page 5 seems to be about foreign work and pensions, but neither table 5A or 5B seem to have appropriate fields for dividends or other.

It’s not a large amount but I’ve added the income into annex J, just have no idea how to add it to L.

Has anyone else figured this out? if anyone can help a newbie out, thank you!!!

Since your income is from dividends and rental, it doesn’t fit neatly into Table 5A or 5B of Annex L/NHR. In this case, you can add a note or attachment detailing your foreign income in the relevant section. If there’s no specific field, providing additional clarification is usually fine. And if you’re still stuck, consider consulting a tax advisor or checking online forums for guidance from others who’ve dealt with similar situations.

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Ah thanks for the advice, I thought maybe I was missing something.

I have accounted for the dividends in the Annex J form, but I want to make sure I’m not going to end up with a giant bill because I made a mistake :sweat_smile: I will try to attach a note if it’s possible in the form.

An accountant quoted us an astronomical amount to file even though it’s only for one month of tax residency. Like way more than the income, itself. We will definitely work with an accountant for next year, because it will be a whole year.

Thank you for the help!