Getting A Bank Account In Portugal from United States without traveling to Portugal

Guys what you are all relying on is if the process goes smooth if you are doing it on your own, which it rarely does due to bureaucracy and being in a foreign language.

Yes, you could find someone who speaks English but thats not really the point because even if this person speaks English, the paperwork still needs to go through other people, where the 2 points I mentioned will occur.

If you don’t want a headache, get a lawyer.

Are you a lawyer @Buh-consulting?

@masta No I am not but I work with partners in every country to support in any matter.

Feel free to message me if you need help with something.

Can anyone share their bank opening times between Bison or BiG? Trying to estimate accurately the time from “hi, good to meet, fill in the forms and send over”. to “your money is here and ready”. Thanks.

A big update… We received an official Visa denial from Portugal - with the Bank Account being the major issue. Two smaller issues that the Portugal contact just asked for a letter to explain. We were told we have 10 business days to complete the requests. That gave us a deadline of Friday February 26th.

As we mentioned, we got the documents notarized at the local bank, and we were able to get the documents to the GA County Clerk in Atlanta for the Apostille service. It took about 6 days. 2 up, 2 weekend, 2 down. We JUST missed having it ship out of Friday. :frowning:

We took the documents, scanned them in, and attempted to send them overnight to Portugal. The fastest we saw was a 2 day priority. Of course with Covid and the Texas storm - which is a major hub :frowning: it is not that straightforward! We had to use Fedex… long story. Fedex onilne says the delivery that shipped out on Wed should (could, maybe, hopefully) arrive Friday night! :slight_smile:

Due to the very high anxiety timeline, we contacted our Millennium bcp contact and explained all of our timing. He stated that if he received the documents Friday that the account will be open by the 23rd, which is Tuesday. Since the delivery looks like it will be later Friday, I am guessing he will open the account on the 24th.

For the people who have asked me if I could share the contact information for Millennium bcp, we did ask him for his permission to share. He agreed… :slight_smile: Because it seems frowned upon to share others contact information online, I would ask that you reach out to me via private message and I will gladly pass it along. [Moderator edit: Personal email address removed, use the PM feature instead]

I will update everyone as we iron out the last details.

Thank you for all of your help!

Hi Richard,
I am not clear the relationship between Visa (Golden Visa?) denial and the bank account thing. Would you mind elabrate a bit more?

Good morning… yea, the bank account issue for us stemmed from a Youtube video misunderstanding.

It seems the process pre-covid would require you to travel to Portugal to open a bank account in person.

Early Covid we watched a Youtube video from Expats Everywhere that clearly stated that they were able to get their Visa by writing a letter explaining the impacts of Covid not allowing them to travel, and allowing them to open the account as soon as they arrived in Portugal on their Visa.

We submitted our Visa package with the letter. Fortunately, Expats Everywhere posted a video of them getting their bank account in Portugal and they noted this process had changed and you were once again required to have a bank account before you could get the Visa. As soon as I saw that video, we began the process of getting the bank account. It looks like we may have barely beat the time delay. :open_mouth:

Hope this helps…

This sounds like a D7 visa and not the golden visa process.

For sure… there is a difference!

With Bison, I’d say the submitting application for account opening took us about 7-8 business days. Our lawyer had all required documents from us before submitting the application to Bison bank. We filled out the application and scanned and sent it to our contact at Bison to make sure everything is in good order before physically mailed them via UPS express (this took 3 days). For funding the account, it depends on how you send your money to Bison, it took 2 days for us for the money from our bank in the U.S to get to our account at Bison.