Getting A Bank Account In Portugal from United States without traveling to Portugal

I see people on an expat Facebook group mentioned “finally got an appointment” and some are still waiting to make an appointment at VFS in SF for their D7 visa. Before getting the approval to go to PT. Reading about it further though, it sounds like the applicants have to go to their appointment with all their paperwork, apostilles, etc.

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Hello Richard.
Congratulation for your success.
Could you share your contact at Millenium with me through PM?
I really couldn’t find the function kit that allow me to send PM on the forum :(

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The contact is attached.

Best of luck…
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We used Bordr and were very happy. They had great customer service that responded to emails quickly and sometimes several times. We used them to get our NIF and bank account. We were in Portugal at the time, and it took roughly 2 weeks for the NIF and 2 for the bank account set up, so I would guess it would probably take a month for each doing it remotely.

For banks, you should select Millennium simply because they’re the largest in the country with the most locations. You want to live close to your bank for obvious reasons, so they are the way to go especially if you don’t know where you’re going to live.

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So, are you suggesting that arriving to Portugal (which i plan) from the Us does not make the NIF and bank process easier?
I thought that until I own a property (I am building it) I don’t need a fiscal representative, so NIF seems like an administrative tax number procedure. Can be done in Portugal’s (Lisbon, Porto) finance office?
I will appreciate any advice, as well as on a best bank for a US person in East Algarve (Faro, Tavira)