Getting cheaper loan or funds in India through FDI or Soft loans

Hi all, I have been running my business for the last 10 years but in recent years for expansion and to grow my business more I have taken a business loan. But I have been paying a very high-interest ( 12% ) on my loans for the last 4 years. Since my loan amount is so high ( 30 million) I am trying to find the best suitable option. I am looking to reduce my interest rate by accessing FDI, Soft-Loans, or any private investors. Does anyone have experience or know about FDI and how can I access it. I am willing to share my details if anyone knows about it. Thank you.

For quick reference: 30M INR = 400K USD

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sry, I have already done the calculations, and based on that I have given the fig. But thanks for that.
$30 Million USD.

Its over 300Crore INR if you want in Indian rupees.