GV renewals: are there really no appointments?

I wonder at the time of applying for citizenship, one must be in possession of valid residency or no, despite that waiting time can be counted as residency. I lean towards the answer yes. Some even claim that before reaching the stage 5 (7 stages in total), a valid residency is required.
BTW, has anyone heard that at the moment, all citizenship proceedings based on article 6.1 (5-year residency) is suspended awaiting the new Minister of Justice’s approval ? This is almost an official announcement rather than a speculation.

My card is going to expire in early Q3. Under my research, it is OK to renew card within 6 months before the date of expiry. I’ve contacted my lawyer asking about the possibility to file lawsuits now against AIMA for not letting me renew it. The response of the lawyer is that by law one must renew within 30 days before the date of expiry. For now, we only write formal email to AIMA. If they do not reply anything 30 days after the expiry, we will be able to file a lawsuit. So, I am 200% eager to file the case. Just cannot wait for it :joy:


My card expired on May 7, and my lawyer told me there are no available online appointments. Am I in trouble?

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My card expired in March and still no renewals

Decisions on all processes except direct descendants of portugues citizens are suspended at the moment because the new government has not signed required authorizations to IRN. However, the processes are not stopped. They are just not granting decisions if the process reached stage 6. Authorizations will likely be signed in 1-2 months period for sure.

Well, untill recently 40-60 thousands of people with sproced naturalization have been waiting until new automated system which creates records in registry starts working. Some of them from June 23. Nobody cared.

This suspension is critical only for those who is already at stage 6.
It is also well known yhat IRNs do not update statuses/(bolinhas) and also move everything to new system.

FYI- on MAY 19 the portal opened for online renewals. Serviços Online