Has anyone completed the PGV process with Mercan?

I would love to hear about your experiences. There are a couple clauses in the investor agreement that give slight pause… specifically that they reserve the right to “buy back” at a significantly lower rate should the ARI be rejected for reasons attributable to the investor. This seems potentially more likely as the legal representation involved works for Mercan, not the investor, and an oversight or legal omission resulting in ARI rejection could be “attributable” to the investor though really due to a conflict of interest in legal representation.

Am I just being paranoid?

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Are you really “free soloing” this process without a lawyer??!!

They probably mean if you are a criminal or have unpaid taxes, but definitely talk to a lawyer.

IAS is the legal team we’re working with through Mercan. I’m just checking on others’ experience with them. It all seems pretty legit, and Mercan has been around a long time and isn’t likely to act in a way that would damage their reputation. I’m just trying to be diligent.

I was - backing out now.

I had the same reservations you did (and then some). Portugal’s free speech laws are somewhat draconian - so I’ll leave it at that.

No longer doing a GV through Portugal. I don’t have enough trust for the various stakeholders to fulfill their end of the bargain.