How to get a Portuguese NIF for Non-Residents


(Thomas K. Running) #26

Yes, you are right. Non-EU/EEA citizens need a so-called “fiador”. See the discussion in the forum.

(Blonde) #28

is proof of address should be resident or non-resident, if non-resident, are you sure they can accept foreign bank statement with non resident address as proof of address for NIF?
Shall foreign bank statement be in Portuguese address? if its in Portuguese address is easier to get nif or not in Portuguese address? overall what will make it difference if I register as resident address or non-resident address? (by considering factors like: easy to open, easy to maintain no domicile issue happens, no tx issue happen, ...) may plz advise?

(Blonde) #29

I just wondering they may only give the NIF to someone with residential proof of address in Portugal, as non resident why should get a NIF in Portugal? I'm not sure if I have non-residential proof of address, how it will affect my tx or domicile status in the bank opinion? could you explore options and give me advise that which of resident or non-resident can lead to what domicile or tx status there? I understand that you mentioned somewhere that, this NIF will not affect you tx residency, but this is the case when you register with non-resident address? what igf you register NIF with residential address? and ho local tx office behave regarding your money coming to bank account that opening with this NIF?
Shall the NIF proof of address and bank account proof of address be the same, or same address?

(Thomas K. Running) #30

That's the beauty of the NIF system in Portugal, it's not only for residents. So a bank statement from your home country is sufficient. If you instead tell them you live in Portugal and bring Portuguese address proof they will probably try to collect taxes from you, so don't do that unless you actually live there.

The NIF application/documentation does not in itself prove any residency or domicile. The address you use for the NIF application does not have to be the same as the address on your Portuguese account.

(Thomas K. Running) #31

Proof of address should be non-resident unless you actually live and pay taxes in Portugal. A foreign bank statement with foreign address is fine. In this case you don't have to provide Finanças with any Portuguese address, only your foreign one.

(Dan Bert) #32

Your instructions apply to EU citizens, not 'third country' (that's what they call non-EU) citizens. Third country citizens also need a 'Tax Representative'. Or at least that's what the blog of a Portuguese business and tax advising firm says: http://intax-contabilidade.... Chrome browser will translate.

(Dan Bert) #33

Thanks for the link.

(Onkar Singh) #34

Hi. .If someone name and date of birth match with other what should we do for. .. Nif no please reply asap thanks

(Peter Thompson) #35

Hi TK. I'm Canadian and came from Canada to Portugal approximately 2 weeks ago but I entered Portugal on my EU passport (Irish). When applying for my NIF they still required me to have a tax representative even though I'm applying as a non-resident EU citizen in Portugal. Just an FYI. I'm wondering if its because I don't have a permanent EU address - Portugese or otherwise (i.e. I don't have an address in Ireland) Thoughts anyone? Thanks.

(Thomas K. Running) #36

Interesting. And yes, that seems likely... Thanks for the data point!

(Diana Oliver) #37

We are a German company with a permanent EU address and we also want to apply for a NIF. The answer I got yesterday (21.02.2018) per e-mail is that we need a "representante legal" (someone with a NIF and permanent address in Portugal to receive our password to access the AT website). So i guess it has anything to do with being EU or non-EU citizen.
They basically need someone in Portugal to be your official contact as you don't have a permanent address in Portugal (address in EU is not enough).

(Thomas K. Running) #38

It might be different for companies than individuals. EEA citizens with an EEA address definitely do not need a Portuguese tax representative to get a personal NIF.

(Peter Thompson) #39

Thanks Diana and TK. The only thing I'm still not sure of is if this tax representative in Portugal just acts as our main contact for simple things like website passwords or if they are required to take on some type of legal tax obligation on my behalf. I wouldn't expect anyone to do that for me - especially since I don't have any real contacts in Portugal as I've only been here for three weeks.

PS I'm looking to get my NIF to help me obtain a Portugese bank account and to have it ready for potential employers while I look for work here in Portugal

(Gus) #40

Its absolutely NOT true that you need any tax representative. The law circulating on this thread simply states that if you CHOOSE to have a third party acting on your behalf applying for a NIF, you need to sign a document giving him permission to act on your behalf

The process is EXACTLY the same for an EU or American an citizen, the only differemce being that if youre from the EU you can use you national ID card, while if you are not, you need a passport.

What youre talking about here of being asked to bring someone with you to apply for a NIF is simply that a lot of people working at these treasury bureaus have poor english skills so they prefer if you bring someone who speaks portuguese

The only situation where you actually need a tax representative is in Diana Oliver situation where if you aren't physically in Portugal you need someone that is to apply for the NIF.

Basically if you are physically in Portugal, you don't need anyone else to act as a tax representative, you can simply represent yourself😀

(Thomas K. Running) #41

Non-EU/EEA citizens need a tax representative. See the discussion in the forum: https://community.nomadgate...

(Dan Bert) #42

@isochronous No idea if Finanças communicates with the rep via snail mail or email, or how often they do so. By law, they must communicate with the rep in specific situations. The clearest description of those situations I’ve found is from a Portugal based firm specializing in business and tax issues in Portuguese speaking countries, and their related cross-border issues: "Notifications issued by the Portuguese Tax Authorities usually require a 10 to 15 day reply and are always written in Portuguese. In most cases, such notifications only refer to legal provisions or technical aspects of taxation. "

(jana sample) #43

I am a US citizen in the beginning stages of moving to Portugal. Is it best for me to use a US or Portuguese address for my NIF? If using my Portuguese address, do I need a piece of mail or can I bring my rental contract? Thank you!

(Laura Schuler) #44

Olá my husband and I are from the US and need to find à fiador- does anyone know of any Porto locals who can act as our representative in Nov this year? Or who can tell us of any reasonably priced tax firm to use for our NIF in advance? So far 2 lawyers we have contacted don’t act in this capacity. Thanks for recommendations

(Gary Williams) #45

Hi we are intending to purchase property on Horta within the next few years, as UK residents would it be advisable to obtain a NIF number before Brexit ? Also can we apply for a NIF and open bank account on mainland Portugal for use in the Azores ?


(Thomas K. Running) #46

You might save a step and a few euros by getting the NIF while the UK is still in the EU. If you happen to be in Portugal anyway, why not pick one up? But if not, I don’t think it’s worth making the trip just to get it now.