New rule as of July 26, 2021 for residency

Hi. I’m new to this. I just had my appointment at VFS in Washington DC and they told me of a new rule from Portugal is you must have a Portugués bank account with one months income before you arrive in Portugal and can get without a NIF. PLEASE I am lost as what to do. Everything I read is needing an NIF.

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You’ve got to get a NIF first, which you can do by using a service like this one (the one I used), or one like Bordr. Then, you create the bank account. I will do that soon with the help of Bordr, which also offers that service. Some people create a document stating they will create a bank account once they arrive or something like that, but it’s better to use a service like Bordr to get the bank account from outside the country.


Hi , I used Bordr to get mine a couple months ago . Also just found out they get you a bank account too .
Very east … Get a discount code from this site .

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We used a company called Kleya and they were amazing. They also helped get us an apartment, set up utilities and have just been a great resource, all the way around. We arrived in Lisbon two days ago and are thrilled to be here.


May I suggest you join a facebook group called British Expats in Portugal. On that site, you will find files how to do anything FREE. If you absolutely need more than that, the owner of the group will charge you 60 euros and will tell you specifically everything to do via FB messenger call.

I couldn’t get my NIF number because I was living in a hostel. He showed me ways around it. I now have it.

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I have an NIF but thank for the link to Bordr. What a cool service!

Or the FB group Americans & FriendsPT. Their Files section contents was extremely useful when I was navigating visa requirements. The files are updated when SEF or the consulates/embassies change the rules.

Nif is pretty easy and only takes a week or two. You can apply for NIF online through

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Yes. I used and it was pretty painfree. They are very nice and personable. I think they say a week for getting your NIF

Hi Ivan, how long did your NIF take with Nifonline? It’s been over 3 weeks for me and I’d starting to get anxious about their lack of response…Many thanks.