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I’m curious to know if anyone is noticing delays in getting the bank account open after confirmation of receiving all documents. Any recent Experience will be greatly appreciated. If you think the type of visa contributes to delays, it would be greatly appreciated
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Ola Mayra,

We opened our bank account in person last week in Ponta Delgada and it was no problem. It took a while since they need all kinds of information and confirmations. After a few hours, everything was up and running including the mobile app. No visa was involved for us.

They wanted: 1. NIF number 2. Passport 3. Proof of current address 4. Proof of current employment 5. Both parents’ names 5. phone number and email address

Hi Tient, with which bank you opened account in Ponta Degrada?

Hi Mayra,

Yes, we’ve been stuck in bank opening purgatory for about a month and our attorney said that it normally doesn’t take this long but….

We managed to get an account set up (at Novobanco) fairly quickly, but then things broke down when Compliance got involved. Our attorney has an appointment next week and we’ve been told that the in-person visit will rectify everything. This delay on top of ~6 weeks just to get our NIF means that we’re on the slow boat, that can’t even seem to get out of the harbor.

Thank yo David. Do you mind me asking who your Lawyer is in case we are dealing with the same group of lawyers. From. What I gather, the majority of people have not had any hiccups with compliance.
I really appreciate you taking the time to listen
Best regards Mayra

Our lawyers are supposed to be managing, but today we meet to find out about the delays and bank details
Thanks for listening
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Thank you. Triet, this is very helpful.
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Hi Mayra !
I experienced dealys when tried to open my bank account in Novobanco. After talking to some friends, they recommended me Santander.
I went there, the process took me about 2hs. and when I left the bank with my account already opened.

Thanks, Why do you think Novobanco takes so long. This is exactly who we are dealing with.

I don’t know to be honest. I was needing the account to be opened faster due to an appointment in SEF and that’s why I decided to look for another bank. I also called them to see why they were taking longer but didn’t give me a reason.

I went to a couple of bank branches and discovered that account opening process is dependent on the staff attending to you and document requirement varies.
Would you mind share with Santander Branch you went?

millennium bank - worked like a charm:
I walked in, Carvoeiro, and opened an account. One day, and it was ready for transfers.



Sorry I didn’t see this message until now.

We opened an account at Credito Agricola Bank.


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These days banks take alot to open the account , but as suggestion there are some bank if they have any branch in your home country with the reference letter you can open the account . I had this experiance nearly 7 years before with PNB bank in portugal . They have one branch in portugal . With the reference letter they opend for me in a day . Might u can try any bank if exist in your country and portugal.