How to get a Russian visa


(Maria Russo) #1

Hi, I’m Maria. I live in Syracuse and work as a freelance journalist. I want to travel to Russia for 2 months and need a visa.
I would like to get an advice from people who have applied for Russian visa before. Did you contact the embassy? Or used a tourism company? Which is the easiest and fastest way? How many days does it take?

(Krista) #2

I haven’t personally been to Russia, but a good friend of mine who’s also American went last year. It wasn’t as painful for him as people sometimes lead you to believe. He used an agency, and got his visa within two weeks! He was told to plan on at least a month though, and they kept his passport the entire time. It sounds like it was really worth the cost. Don’t forget to save costs and do the one-entry visa, unless you’re planning on going back. Good luck! And report back on how it goes.