HOW-TO: GV Automatic Online Renewal Procedure (Jan 2023→)

To give you all an idea of how messed up renewals are at AIMA right now …
I paid for an automatic spouse renewal a month ago. My lawyer followed up with AIMA yesterday because it was still showing as payment pending. AIMA said they couldn’t be sure if the money was received because their computer system is so messed up right now (a rare honest admission from an AIMA rep).
So, no one knows where our money is, they won’t process the application without the money, and we can’t resubmit the application because the current one is pending.
Our lawyer is marching done there with proof of payment from our bank. Failing that, we’re off to court to compel them to process the application. Fun times ahead!


This was similar during Q3 renewals last year, online tracker even cancelled my DUC payment as the status shown was unpaid but 45 days after the DUC payment, cards were delivered to the home address. Send your DUC payment proofs to AIMA’s email and chase them once a week until the card been issued.

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Hi Jack. Your story’s sad, but I reckon it ain’t all hopeless.
By the way, can you share how you managed to pay for the renewal? Through the SEF.PT website?
Every time I try to renew my residency, I get a message saying automatic renewal isn’t possible under our article. My residence was expired 02.02.2024.

It was opened for short period of time and available only for GV family members. The main applicants have not seen this option. For other permits it was opened for everybody except if it was the second autorenewal. Also the site was crashing constantly. In about 10 days this options disappeared and nobody could do autorenewal now. Not only GV.
Nobody knows if that short opening was mistake in general and especially if it was a mistake for GV family members taking into account the case of main applicants.
No other info available


Thanks Tomás that’s quite reassuring!

Serg I think it has only been possible to renew family members, not the main applicant (although possible is putting it too strongly it seems). My renewal was end of last year, this was a spouse renewal.

@seagu77 no one from AIMA suggested to our lawyer that it was a mistake that family member applications were open, even with the payment issues. Just that their computer system has been in meltdown given all the organisational changes. Apparently it has been causing huge delays for people turning up for appointments too because, as you mention, the system crashes constantly not just for us but also for their staff.

It seems all lawyers are asking us to wait , any update on renewal for Q1 2024 expiry and they did they confirm it’s online renewal for cards ends 31march 2024 ?


My card is expiring in May and its first GV renewal. My lawyer has said website is not working for online renewal.

Any news or update on this.


Hi all, sorry about a basic question;
Can we (the visa holders) conduct this renewal process completely by ourselves? (OR only our lawyers can proceed this task, and we pay for them?)
Previously I heard the holders go to the website by own and just do payment, but I am wrong?

In general, any renewal could be done ourselves. In the past most used lawyers, but nothing prevented us to it ourselves, even when it was physical attendance of the SEF. You need the address though for card to be sent, and usually it is the lawyers’ address.

The process via website was the easiest, calls autorenewal, but so far was in 2023 only. Again most saved the lawyers’ fee in that case. This year we saw only some cases for family members, who were able to renew this way. Other ways were also inaccessible.

So to answer your question, we first need to know how to renew at all this year. We do not have the answer on this main question so far.

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I see… I was wondering why people are discussing with lawyers if it is manageable by own.
I will watch out. Thank you so much.

Well, because people with GV are outside Portugal most of the time. And if you need to get a slot for renewal via phone for example , then you need to call like 12 hours per day and from the local phone number.
Plus the law is changing. And the situation is changing as well.
Autorenewal was an easy option. Could be 100% managed without lawyers. But looks like it is over. All other situations in general case are better off with a lawyer.

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Make sense. As I am based in Lisbon and quite flexible now, I may manage by myself. Not sure if 12hrs calling doesn’t damage my mental health, though…
Anyway we need to know how AIMA presents the next method. I keep catching up here.
Thanks again:)

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I have been living in Portugal too for two years and my first GV expired in February.
However, there is no way to get an invitation for renewal now, either with lawyers or by calling AIMA yourself. Because AIMA is not renew our expired GV yet. There are no slots for our type of visa.

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Oh ok, that’s the situation… It is precious information. Very useful to know the situation of other GV holders. Appreciate it:)
I hope you make it soon, and please kindly post your experience.

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Anyone here filed a summons due to unable to renew or just because of too long waiting time?

My card is going to expire in early Q3. I am now well prepared that things will not go my way and I will be firing a summon to renew my card. It costs money, but no other way!!!

I was lucky enough to get my 1st card in hand and regained my travel freedom (i do not travel but actually feel much better when knowing that I am able to exit this country anytime). Therefore, I will be happy to pay some $$$ to maintain my rights to exit the country. :sweat_smile::face_with_spiral_eyes:

Any recommendation for lawyers who would charge less than EUR 1000 to file a case against AIMA for their absolute disregard of our rights by not allowing us to renew our cards in time, not responding to calls and not responding to emails. This is a state backed scandal.
Does anyone have an experience of getting favorable result in a court against SEF/ AIMA, where the court directed AIMA to consider renewals promptly, and would they even ask AIMA to bear cost of the litigation due to the troubles caused by them or that is too much to ask in this country?

I can’t speak to their prices on a renewal case, but I think you would probably be happy with AGPC investments, specifically I’ve worked with Catarina Almeida Garrett. She’s very nice, happy to explain things when I really needle her with questions, and generally seems to be getting results. She’s got a good team and I’d be happy working with any of them

Are Q1 renewals being processed? Mine’s about to expire in 20 days, and I’m freaking out. My lawyer is being absolutely annoying and isn’t giving me any information about manual renewal so I can be prepared.

I am in the holding pattern that my GV has expired and I cannot renew. All my lawyer says to do is wait. I would like to plan my annual trip to PT. Do the days count if I do not have my new residence card in hand?