HOW-TO: GV Automatic Online Renewal Procedure (Jan 2023→)

Wow, very fast! Congratulations!
Looks like to wait a bit after SEF processed the main wave of automatic applications works better than to be in the middle of that wave. I would definitely do that if expiration of the old permit were in the last month of the opened quarter.
Mine infortunately is 25th of the first month, so I will better apply as soon as it opened.

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Good luck! I hope that you have great news too!

Hi, I and my family applied for online renewal since 12.5.2023 (( our residency cards expired at 7.5.2023)) through our lawyer, till now 12.9.2023 ,we get no cards !! Nearly 4 months!! I would like to ask if anyone have such long period of online renewal??
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Nope, the online automatic renewals do take a maximum of 60 working days. If SEF has missed the 60 Days deadline, please do send them an email with DUC Payment proof and the Old Card details. They shall be processing your card, their online system is below par and they do miss a lot of things

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If your lawyer was able to renew successfully, you should have received an invoice and been asked to make a payment before receiving the cards. If this hasn’t happened, you should ask your lawyer about this.

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That is not quite the case, there is some racism involved unfortunately. To my knowledge, no cards were renewed for Russian investors since April. SEF is pushing the people who don’t want to support the Putin’s regime back to Russia so they would live and pay taxes in Russia. That’s quite sad.
I’m talking about a few hundreds of SEF renewal cases to this day.

My lawyer said the same. That SEF just not send the renewed GV cards to Russians. While normal permits not GV are renewed and received. A lot. So it is combination of nationality + GV. Which I don’t understand. Why using our money that are treating us much much worse that usual permits.

I think because, historically, wealthy Russians (oligarchs in particular) are seen as being up to no good and SEF doesn’t want them making trouble in its neighborhood.

A friend’s lawyer “submitted” his and his wife’s GV residency renewal application to SEF on Nov. 2022 His wife’s renewed card was issued many months ago, but there’s no news about his card. He wanted to try renewing his card online, but his lawyer advised against this because it might jeopardize his already submitted application. Is there any one who has tried successfully or who would know whether it is feasible to get a renewal online in spite of there being an application filed with SEF?