How to Open a Portuguese Bank Account for Non-Residents


(Thomas K. Running) #29

Nothing is impossible if you just bring enough business to the bank. I’m not sure how easy it is with Portuguese banks, however.

I haven’t tried it myself, but it might be possible with Estonian or Georgian banks with a modest amount of activity with the bank.

(Jubaida Gulshan Mohiuddin) #30

Hello Everyone, I have been to Lisbon on June 2018 and was there for 9 days. I made an agreement with a consultant company who would open an IT company for me and so I can apply for a residence visa to Portugal. Everything was fine I got my company papers, NIF but now they are saying that no bank is ready to open my company account as I am not there. I like to transfer 10 thou euro to start the business but my consultant company saying, I have two options left. One is I can proceed for the visa process without the bank account in Portugal claiming that I have the access of the funds in my own country (credit cards, debit cards etc) and the other thing I have to be there again to open the account. I am from Bangladesh and I like to know do you guys have any similar situation like me? I don’t know what to do now. They also asked me to contact with the Embassy in Delhi but I can see the reviews on net that they are not so communicative at all. What should I do please suggest.

(Thomas K. Running) #31 do you know what the best approach is here? Do you think any banks could be persuaded to open an account remotely in this situation?

(Alexander Dumont dos Santos) #32

Dear Thomas and Jubaida,

I hope this message finds you well.

To get the portuguese residence visa by starting your own company you have to demonstrate the articles of association of your portuguese company and other documents required by law.
One of them is that you have enought means to live in Portugal, at least €6960 (in 2018) on a personal portuguese bank account.
Normally this process has to be done personally. Indeed there is another way around.
Im going on a business trip today until the 14th October. If you wish we may have a videocall when I am back?
Kind regards,

(Jubaida Gulshan Mohiuddin) #33

Dear Mr Santos
I can’t tell you how grateful I am to you and to Mr Thomas for helping me on this. It seems that the consultants that I have appointed and paid money to these things, they have severe lack of knowledge about the immigration laws and stuff. I thought that they are well enough to process my case. Ofcourse I want to have a videocall with you when you come back. Please just let me know when you are free. My email is
Thank you again

(Jubaida Gulshan Mohiuddin) #34

Dear Alexander
I hope you had a wonderful business trip. If you are a bit of free now, we can have our video calls to get an idea how to open the bank account without being in Portugal. Please let me know your convenient time.

(Thomas K. Running) #35

@Jubaida_Gulshan_Mohi I’d recommend that you send him a private message to continue the conversation :slight_smile:

(Jubaida Gulshan Mohiuddin) #36

OK thank you

(Gleno) #37

Greetings, as a US citizen intending to be in Portugal less than 183 days a year, I want to open a non-resident bank account.
Years ago, I got a non-resident NIF as “Documento Provisorio de Identificacao.” Do I still need to have a proof of Portuguese address OR my US address on my US driver license including US bank statements should be enough to open such an account in Portugal, say at Activo Bank?"

(Thomas K. Running) #38

With Activo it’s best if you have a Portuguese address on file. I have not attempted to open an account without one, but I expect that might not be so easy.

But they are very liberal with what they accept as proof of your Portuguese address. Ordering a free SIM card to the address where you’re staying (your Airbnb, for example, or perhaps even the coworking space you’re working from if they do mail handling), and then using the accompanying letter should be good enough.

(raahim ibne mubarak) #39

Hi and hello everyone.
I am from Bangladesh and coming to portugal at end of december, 2018 by getting business visa. I also plan to stay and live in portugal. Is it possible for me get NIF card along with open portugues bank account with the available amount of 8000 euros in my local account?
also is it helpful for me to stay and work in portugues for longer period of time.
Thank you and waiting for your kind resposne.

(Alexander Dumont dos Santos) #40

Hi Raahim, i hope you are well.
To obtain your NIF number you don´t need to have any proof of wealth.
To proof your financial means the money should be on the portuguese bank account.
Kind regards,

(raahim ibne mubarak) #41

Thank you for your reply,
As i am holding business visa for shorter period of time. By that time is their any opportunity to submit my document to stay and work in portugal? by getting NIF card.

(samuel) #42

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(Steve H) #43

I have an unusual situation, I currently live and work in Russia. Is it possible for an American Expat residing in Russia to open an account in Portugal. I can get a bank statement from the account that shows my income from my current job as an ESL teacher. Can you tell me if I might encounter some difficulties in opening a bank account?

(Thomas K. Running) #44

I don’t think it should be an issue, as long as you provide a Portuguese address when opening the account. Are you planning a move to Portugal in the near future, and is that why you’d like to open the account?

(Steve H) #45

Yes, I hope to move there in the beginning of June. I have to finish my contract with the school that I’m teaching at. Otherwise I’ d leave now. How do I show a Portuguese address? Will be getting on a plane in about 4 hours. Won’t lie I’m a bit nervous.

(Steve H) #46

So my nervousness was completely unfounded. I spent a total of 3 hours getting my NIF and opening a bank account at Activo Bank right here in Lisbon. I had a gentleman that knew Portuguese come with me and acted as my official contact in Portugal. He becomes the responsible person that acts as my stand in if the bank needs to contact me in any way. The person that helped us at Financas allowed me to use my Credit reports that had a U.S. address on them. I had run my credit report before coming to Portugal that had a recent date on it (this made the difference). Otherwise I would have had to gone to the embassy to get documents translated, thankfully this didn’t happen. The whole process at Financas took maybe an hour and a half (most of it spent leaving the offices, finding a place where we could get copies of my credit report printed from. With my N.I.F. in my hand we walked a total of 10 minutes to Activo, the process there began with them asking for the N.I.F. (nothing happens without it), we gave them copies of the credit reports, and my social security number. The handed me the debit card with the VISA logo and we were done. That was it! Done, nothing left to do but party. Thanks Thomas for an exceptionally well written and now proven article.

(Filipe) #47

You could have opened the activo account online through video call, it would have been ever easier :wink:

(Thomas K. Running) #48

Does that work for non-residents/citizens?

Anyway, the advantage of going through a branch is that you get your debit card on the spot.